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Commercial Cleaning Products Are Not Just For Industrial Use

Commercial Cleaning Products Are Not Just For Industrial Use

Just because a cleaning product is classified as commercial cleaning products does not mean that it has to be used only in a commercial cleaning application. They are produced in the same basic manner as household cleaners except they are in most cases more concentrated which means they have to be diluted with water before use.

There are some commercial chemicals however, which are stronger and are specific applications that should not be used in the home. These type products are manufactured for more of an industrial application.

Some examples of commercial cleaning products that are safe for home use are: hospital grade disinfectants, certain degreasers, aerosol disinfectants as well as germicidal cleaners. Products of this type are sold mainly by janitorial supply companies to schools, hospitals, and other commercial facilities and many of them will also sell to the general public for home consumption.

When looking for a good quality cleaner there are a few things to consider that will insure the product is one that will be the best value for the money spent. First, look at the dilution ratio to see how much is required to mix with water to give you the RTU (ready-to-use) product. If a product cost twenty dollars per gallon and the dilution ratio is one ounce per gallon that means that one gallon of RTU product costs only sixteen cents. Compare this cost of a commercial cleaning product with that of a RTU household product and it will be easy to see the commercial product is by far the more economic item to use.

Another factor to look for would be the kill claim which is an indication of the different types of germs and bacteria the chemical will kill according to the label directions. Most of the commercial cleaning products will have a kill claim of 99.7 or higher depending on the specific type chemicals and requirements to eliminate a specific amount of the germs and other organisms.

Even by these factors that indicate the household cleaning products are more costly and in some cases are not as effective as the commercial cleaning products; the everyday person has no idea that there is a better alternative. If clean and germ free along with saving money is the goal, then look to your local or online janitorial supplier for the best solution to your cleaning product needs.

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