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How to Reduce Latency

Many people, maybe including you have heard of this term. But, what is meant by latency? Latency is the time it takes data from its origin to its destination. Latency is measured in milliseconds. In layman’s terms, latency is no different from delay or delay.

In terms of network latency, this can be determined by the time it takes for the request to travel from the sender to the receiver. And the recipient will process the request. In other words, the travel time from the browser to the server.

Let’s take an example when you, who are in Bali, send an email with an attachment in it. Whether it’s a document or a photo. And you send the email to your colleague who is in Osaka, Japan. When an email is sent, there will be latency of a fraction of a millisecond before the email is received.

Latency that occurs in a matter of fractions of a second, you could say is still quite reasonable. But if it is in seconds, then it is high latency. There must be some action to solve the high latency problem. Starting from looking for the cause of latency. You can read more about latency if you want to solve the problem.

Latency can be reduced by using several different techniques. Reducing the amount of server latency will help your web resources load faster, thereby increasing overall page loading times.

Using Content Delivery Network

Using a content delivery network can help bring resources closer to users by cached them in multiple locations around the world. Once those resources are cached, user requests only need to travel to the nearest Point of Presence to retrieve the data.

Using the Pre-fetch Method

Fetching web resources first doesn’t necessarily reduce the amount of latency, but increases the perceived performance of your website. By implementing prefetch, latency occurs in the background when a user browses a particular page.

Caching Browser

Another type of caching that can be used to reduce latency is browser cache. The browser will save certain resources from the website locally, to help increase latency time and reduce the number of requests returning to the server.

How to Calculate Latency

Please note, that fiber optic cable has internet speed equivalent to the speed of light 299,792,458 meters/second. From this speed, the latency is 3.33 microseconds. The farther the location of sending data packets, the greater the latency number. Basically, latency is measured using two methods, namely Round Trip Time (RTT) and Time To First Byte (TTFB).

To calculate latency, you can use tools to measure Time To First Byte in 16 different server locations. The following is how to measure latency using the Time To First Byte method.

The first step, please open the website Then, please enter your website URL. Then do “Test”. Then wait for the results. Please look at the last column of TTFB. There, it will be written latency resulting from access to different locations. The smaller the latency, the better.

Latency vs Bandwidth

Although latency and bandwidth have the same impression, they have different meanings. It’s easier to visualize how each term works on how the water pipe works. Bandwidth determines how narrow or wide the pipe is. The narrower it is, the less data can be pushed through it and vice versa. Whereas latency determines how quickly the content in the pipeline can be transferred from the client to the server and vice versa.

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Why You Should Invest in Silver Now

Why You Should Invest in Silver Now

Why You Should Buy Silver Now

It is still April 2011 so I do not know how April will end. But at the beginning of April, silver was $37 an oz. As of April 20, silver is over $44 an oz. This is spectacular growth.

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver hold their value while paper money loses its value with inflation. The U.S used to back all of its paper money with gold and silver. The coins were made of silver. This prevented the U.S. from printing as much paper money as they wanted to. But that is not the case anymore. Each country has its own currency but gold and silver have value everywhere in the world. They are real money.

Gold versus Silver

In the last 10 years gold has gone up 500%. But during the same 10 years silver has gone up 700%. So silver did 40% better than gold. In the last 2 years gold has gone up 60%, but silver has gone up 176% in those 2 years. In 2010, gold went up 29%, but silver went up 78%. If there was deflation then prices would be going down including gold and silver prices. But we are having runaway inflation instead!

Industrial Use

Silver is best electrical conductor that exists– even better than copper. This makes it necessary in parts of electronic devices. Half of the demand for silver is in industry, not jewelry or as a precious metal for investment. Whereas gold has a much smaller demand in industry than silver.

The electronics industry is a fast growing industry. So the need for silver is constantly growing. Now I feel that it is important to try to recycle as much of this as possible even if it requires extra effort. But many people just throw away these devices because it is easier.

Indians Eat Silver

Now I am mentioning this more for entertainment but it is true. Silver can be pressed into very thin layers. People in India like to wrap food in these thin layers of it and then eat the food with the silver on it. Also they coat many pills with silver. They are fond of making a lot of jewelry with silver.

India has a billion people and a fast growing economy so this plays a part in the world’s need for silver. Some people consume silver as a medicine to help the immune system. You need to be careful not to take too much since it creates a permanent medical condition where your skin is blue. If you do a search, you will find some videos of people that have bluish colored skin from it.


China has a fast growing economy and they have passed Japan as having the second biggest economy in the world. The middle class there is rapidly growing and they are investing in silver. For many years China was an exporter of silver. But since 2007 they have been importing silver. China is telling their 1.3 billion citizens to buy silver and invest in silver.

Buying Silver and Precious Metals

One way of buying precious metals like silver is to buy coins like silver coins. Keep in mind that the ones that are graded perfect or near perfect cost a great deal more than the value of the silver. They are locked in plastic and you can not take them out unless you want to pay to get it graded and sealed again.

But you can get the regular coins that are not in sealed containers and they are called brilliant uncirculated coins. They have never been in circulation and they look great. Their cost is only slightly above the cost of the precious metal.

You can also buy bars of silver called bullion. You can have a company store it for you or you can keep it for yourself. Then you need to keep it in a secure place so it sill not get stolen. This is a short introductory article and is not attempting to cover everything.

Precious metals are commodities. People can buy stocks in silver mines and buy shares in mutual funds that have shares in many silver mines. For example the mutual fund SIL has shares in 10 silver mines including SVM. Silver Corp Metals (SVM) has the largest silver producing mine in China, but it is a Canadian owned company.

Here is something that gave a big boost to the precious metal industry. In 2003 they created ETFs (electronically traded funds) that just hold commodities, but you can buy shares in them just like with a stock. So you can buy shares in a silver ETF online at the current market price and sell them online at the current market …

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Three Business Ideas For the Dog Lover

Let’s face it; we are a nation of dog lovers. In fact, many people admit to caring more for their dog than their fellow man. And, these people do not think twice when it comes to spending money on them. This gives the entrepreneur with a love for dogs a way to satisfy both passions at the same time. To get you started, here are three business ideas for the dog lover.
Mobile Dog Groomer – The first idea may not be very original but is always in demand and is a consistent money maker. We are talking about dog grooming, but with a slight twist. The twist comes with the mobile part of the business. By running your operation from your specially equipped van, you can offer your customers a convenience not easily found. If you already have a building you work out of, you might want to offer the mobile service at selected times during the week. If you find yourself with more requests, you might decide to convert to that full-time.
Dog Boarding – Many dog owners face the same problem whenever they want to go on vacation or out of town, they have to find a safe and reliable place to leave their dog while they are gone. The guilt these people already feel is made much worse when they have reason to question the care their pet will receive. If you can offer them a place to leave their pet and prove to them they are safe in doing so, you will end up with loyal customers who will gladly spread the word to others they know.
Dog Treats – Making and selling your own dog treats can be your path to a successful business. Dog owners are forever looking for healthy treats their dogs will love, and you could be the one to supply them. You will need access to a commercial kitchen – you can rent time at one in many locations. And, you can sell your treats to pet shops, supermarkets, vets, kennels, and anyone else who serves the dog owners market. Plan to give away many samples when you first begin to build up a loyal following.…

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How To Unclutter Your Office

How To Unclutter Your Office

Clutter and mess are the two best ingredients for an unproductive workspace. Working in disorganized offices can waste valuable resources such as money and time, and generally creates an unpleasant atmosphere to be creative or productive in.

Try implementing all or a few of these easy ideas to unclutter your workspace and make your working environment more comfortable and efficient.

1. Create an inbox for new files/documents/mail

Purchasing a plastic in-tray where new paperwork can be stored until you have time to get to it, is a good way to ensure nothing gets lost and to remind yourself that they need attention at some point throughout the day.

2. , this is not an option

Filing systems work and when you have piles and piles of paper it seems like the most onerous task in the world, but the upside is that once you have a filing system in place, that job should never have to be repeated again. My personal favorites are the upright filing holders where manila folders are stored. Use this system for your day-to-day files that you need easy access to. Hanging folders for everything else are easy to establish and labeled for identification. If you do not have a filing cabinet the same hanging folders can be used with archive storage boxes. This is a great option for home storage/filing.

3. Color-coded files

Use color-coded files per project/task. This will allow for easy identification of files and save you time.

4. Invest in a label-maker

Any filing method will benefit from clearly labeled folders and the use of a label maker creates clear and easy to read names for easy filing as well as retrieval of files.

5. Shred unnecessary files

With so much work completed on computers today, the amount of paper waste created is huge. Make time at the end or start of every week to shred and recycle any unnecessary print-outs. This will also help to minimize your “to-file” pile. Even better, try not to print files unless absolutely essential. We can all help save our environment.

6. Display only what you need

An office area in a corporation should be kept free of personal belongings such as photos and art-work. Your desk should only display the things you need to do your job, everything else can be a distraction. Overloading your workspace with trinkets and photo frames will limit the amount of clean surfaces you have as well as clutter your area once again. If you have a home based office you may have more room to display personal items, use your best judgment.

Implementing these easy steps will definitely help unclutter your workspace and improve your efficiency. At the same time it will make a mature and organized impression on your boss and peers.…

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How to Determine Which Cleaning Product is Right For the Job

How to Determine Which Cleaning Product is Right For the Job

There are such a range of varied cleaning products on sale that it can often be hard to choose the correct one for the cleaning jobs you have around the house. Using a general product may simplify things but often will not achieve the best results.

Step 1

Get to know your surfaces. Every house has a multitude of surfaces that need cleaning. Walls, floors, carpets, kitchen tops and tiled areas all ideally need different products. Find out what your home is made of. Different products will be suitable for different types of paint for instance, and the variety of flooring makes each ones cleaning needs unique. Once you know what surfaces you are cleaning you can select the perfect product. Don’t guess.

Step 2

Identify the dirt. All areas have different dirt to tackle, and knowing what you are up against will allow you to get the right product for the job. Grease needs different treatment than mildew and mould. Household dust reacts differently to yard dirt, and stains are all different requiring different products. If you can’t identify something you need to clean easily, then go to the next step and test.

Step 3

Test a small patch. If in any doubt, read the instructions on a product carefully, then using it as directed test a small patch of the area or item you want to clean. Try to find a spot where it will not be too noticeable if the product turns out to be unsuitable. If testing several different products, take extra special care to remove one completely before trying another, or test a different area. Some cleaning products can be dangerous when mixed indiscriminately.

Step 4

Know the usage that your surface or item receives. We all know to clean kitchens in a manner safe for food preparation and storage, and bathrooms and toilets in a way suitable for their use. Other areas however are less well understood and often incorrectly or pointlessly cleaned. For example there is little point in bleaching an outdoor step in order to kill bacteria. You most likely will only walk on it and re-infect it instantly, and waging war on common outdoor bacteria is not something you will win. While you may want to remove grease from a kitchen unit and thus a detergent may be suitable, you want the surface also germ free so a combined product is likely to be better.


Don’t despair if your cleaning product cupboard is full of a million different items, a little thought and research will allow you to keep just those that are necessary, and to use the right product each time.…

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How to Start A Office Cleaning Business Out of Your Home

How to Start A Office Cleaning Business Out of Your Home

No matter what the economy is doing, business offices need to be cleaned. This is what makes the office cleaning business so exciting. There is a never-ending supply of clients who are looking for a good cleaning service. Learning how to start an office cleaning business is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to be in business for themselves.

Companies come in all sizes and configurations, and the people who work inside of them often don’t want to do much cleaning. This is why a company will hire an independent cleaning service to come in after hours to keep the working environment clean and sanitized.

Most likely, you already have experience cleaning up around your home. Cleaning an office is much the same, except you’ll need to be aware of exactly what items the client wants cleaned. So, starting out, you’ll have to wear two hats when providing your service. A cleaning worker hat and a business person hat.

Taking Care of Business

On the business ends of things, you’ll need to come up with a good business plan so that you have an idea of what type of services you are going to provide, and to what type of clients. You’ll quickly find that an office environment can contain many things that can be cleaned. Some items, like: desktops, phones, waste baskets and floors are pretty standard.

Other items like: windows, upholstery, carpet cleaning, bathrooms and parking lots require additional work. Therefore, you would offer to clean non-standard items as an add-on service, for an additional cost.

Your cleaning business will also need to have a good name that sounds professional. Mary’s Cleaning Service might be cute, but it doesn’t come across as a business that is going places. Park Side Cleaning Service has a nicer ring. You see, even though you’ll most likely be running your business from your home, you want to give the impression that you work out of a well-run organization.

Present yourself to potential clients like a fellow business person, and don’t look like a slob. First impressions count a lot in the business world, and you want clients to see you as someone they can trust when you’re in their space after hours, cleaning up around important documents and equipment.

You’ll also need to learn how to calculate price for office cleaning, and submit bids to clients in order to win a contract. This is how the professional cleaning services do things, and you’ll be throwing your hat in the ring too. Start out with small contracts, do a great job for your clients, then gradually expand your business to where you’ll need to hire several employees.…

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Personal Finance Management and It’s Benefits

Personal Finance Management and It’s Benefits

The major emphasis on material wealth and status symbols means that more and more people are now finding themselves firmly trapped in the debt trap, with a vicious cycle of extended credit, interest rates and penalty fees all eating into their savings. Record numbers of people are struggling to come to terms with the loans that they have taken out with their banks, only to discover that they can no longer comfortably sustain the level of interest repayment they were paying.

This is why personal financial management is essential, as it will ensure that you do not need to worry about your financial situation should you lose your job or otherwise lose your income. Remember, if you are careful with your personal finances you will be able to get plenty of different advantages for your efforts.

Credit cards are commonly the source of peoples debts. This does not mean that they themselves are faulty or dangerous, however, people do not respect them and so this means that people end up getting caught out as a result. Remember, never take out money with a credit card which you know you cannot comfortably afford.

Another cardinal mistake people commit when using credit cards is that they fail to pay them off when they are supposed to either because they genuinely forget, or because they simply do not have the cash to do so at that current period in time. The truth of the matter is that if you do not pay you will end up paying more money in the long term and this is because of the interest payments that you will be hit with.

Make personal finance management a top priority and a major feature of your life, and you will be able to breathe easy whenever the mailman comes with fresh mail. No longer will you need to worry about creditors harassing you, or hounding you for payments.…