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Business Checks

Personal Freedom – Business Freedom

It seems appropriate to honor military veterans on this day here in America, because Veteran’s Day is about giving tribute to veterans of foreign wars. The military has long been the most admired political institution in American life, and for good reason: it’s the military we can thank for our freedom as Americans, for without the veterans who have fought to protect that freedom, it wouldn’t be there to enjoy. And why did they have to fight?
Wherever freedom exists, in any form, there is an ideology lurking nearby, seeking to destroy it.
Freedom is gained by suffering, and just as a society finds freedom by struggle and sacrifice and sometime death, an individual finds freedom through similar trials. No one is truly born free. People are made free. And they are made free by defeating slavery, as slavery is as natural to the human experience as the desire to live. Wherever you go in the world, whatever society you study, whatever people you investigate, you will find one overall common thread: if they are what most would consider a “free” society, they have necessarily had to fight to gain and keep that freedom.
Military veterans have given us freedom by sacrifice. Sometimes that sacrifice was a leg, sometimes an arm, maybe an eye. Other times that sacrifice has been a deep emotional scar. And often that sacrifice has been a life. There is no greater evidence of love and commitment than sacrificing one’s life and well being for others.
As Thomas Jefferson once said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
A society is first made free by the sacrifice of the ones who fight to protect it. But a society remains free by the sacrifice of individuals on an ongoing basis. It is the daily sacrifice of denying oneself that brings about the greatest freedom of all, for no greater slavemaster ever bore the scourge than our very own selves. We are the slave of the master of our own choosing. Just as a society must engage in constant battles to keep its collective freedom, as individuals we must engage in ongoing warfare to keep our own persons free… from ourselves. Thomas Paine wisely said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”
I believe business has a striking resemblance to all other areas of life. Business naturally follows the principles and precepts that govern life in general: investment and returns, sowing and reaping, giving and receiving, honesty and trust… As business professionals, we can see the emanations of our personal choices played out in our business endeavors, and we can see the life that we personally lead is reflected in the companies we run. As such, the personal pursuit of freedom is reflected in our business pursuit of freedom as well.
Decisions made on a day to day basis for the running of business dictate what our business will look like today and down the road. Decisions of how to communicate, how to rectify wrongs, how to work with competitors, and many others are key ingredients of our business’s life and future. The keen similarities between personal life and business can be seen in the Bible, wherein Christ uses examples of trade in agriculture and investment to illustrate Scriptural truths. King Solomon, in his well known Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, likewise uses concepts of business to strengthen his teachings on wisdom of life.
America’s second president, John Adams, a prolific author and highly educated statesman and key player in the war for the independence of the colonies, said this concerning business:
“All the perplexities, distress, and confusion in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.”
John Adams understood the vital connection between the nature of business operations and life in general. He grasped the truth that to understand business is to understand the functioning of a society. They are inseperably linked.
As we remember those veterans who sacrificed so much for the liberty of us all, let us remember our own personal and business liberty come from the sacrifices WE MAKE on a daily basis. In this way we will become not only “veterans” of business, but veterans of life.…

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6 Easy Ways to Your Business Plan

Most businesses, large or small, online or offline, need an injection of money at some point.
With the present recession banks are becoming stricter and more selective in their lending of money. A good business plan could be difference between you getting the money you need or of them lending to someone else.
1) Think about your future business: You need to start gathering data, evaluating your idea, assessing the market, studying the competition for your product or service. If you have taken several weeks to research your business concept, and then reflected on what you have learned, you will be well placed to evaluate the probability of your business being successful.
2) Do not try to do everything on your own: Ask others about your idea. This may be your family and friends, a paid consultant, or other small business owners. If you are an affiliate do not forget to seek the advice of other affiliates. Many affiliate programs have member forums that you can join.
By discussing your idea with others often highlights the good and not so good points in your idea.
3) Make your plan personal: You can buy templates, software packages etc to help you write your business plan basics. However, you need to personalize it, to show what you are going to do, what your expectations are etc. Your business plan should be clear, concise and brief. No bank manager wants to read through 100’s of pages of unstructured drivel.
4) Use facts and evidence: If you have diligently followed ‘step 1’ and presented your research, a potential backer should be more likely to help with the money you need. If you have found any potential problems with your idea, tell your backer. Honesty IS the best policy. You never know, they may have a simple strategy to resolve the problem.
5) Action: You need to structure your business plan in a logical order, detailing what you are going to do. It should be easy to present and to read.
6) Do not ask potential investors to sign a NDA: They will not sign a none disclosure agreement anyway. Remember your business plan is not set in stone. As you and your business grow and change so will your business plan. Your backers will be only too happy to give you advice and guidance to help you with the development and progression of your business.…

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What’s a Business Plan and How Does it Get Used?

Whether you are just starting out in business or you are already an established business, having a business plan is essential for the development and growth of your business.
A business plan is like a road map for its development, setting out the basics of the business and where it needs to go. A business plan can be used for several other purposes as well as your own internal development use. If you are looking for finance, it becomes a key document, whether you are looking for finance from a bank, new investors or shareholders.
The idea is to let any potential investors or lenders understand the vision and goals for the business and how any investment is going to be spent setting out the benefits both to any investor and to the business.
Your plan should consist of an executive summary, market research, marketing plan and financial information. Your executive summary should introduce and highlight the key points of your business and your aims with detail and organisational charts of any key personnel. Your market research should give detail of your competitors, who your potential customers are and the reasons why your product fits in and will grow in the market place. Your marketing plan should show detail of how you will be marketing or introducing your new product and the targets you wish to achieve. Your financial information will need to give details of the business’ performance and expected performance.
You may need to adjust and tailor your business plan depending on its use, so that you can get it’s potential and value to your targeted audience. This means if you are presenting your business plan to the bank when applying for additional funding, you will want to show the details that the bank will be interested in, which can differ to what others may want to see. For example, your bank will want to see how the loan is going to be repaid, how you are going to use the money and how this will help your business grow as well as your current financial status and commitments.
If you are presenting it to an investor, an investor will want to see how you plan to use the money, when and how you are going to pay it back, what their return on the investment will be, what other sources of funding you have or are using, what money you have invested yourself and a demonstration of your ability to manage. In both these business plans, as well as the detail about the business and its way forward, you will also want to include a detailed profit and loss account showing any current and previous results as well as the forecasts and cashflow.
When writing your business plan, you need to be realistic with your assumptions and projections and don’t be too ambitious so it does not appear reasonable. It is also a good idea to show cashflow forecasting and procedures and policies for collecting cash in.
You will constantly need to review and compare results, making amendments and adjustments along the way. By doing this, it should give you the information to be able to start or keep growing your business.…

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General Article

Swiffer Wet Jet Review

Swiffer Wet Jet Review

Swiffer Wet Jet is a perfect cleaning product which is much liked by most of the housewives today. It is easy to use and is quite comfortable. Having a good handle grip, Swiffer Wet Jet makes you’re cleaning work effective that too in a very short span of time. The product is designed keeping in mind the need of the user. It has become a necessity of every house today.

It cleans the floor superbly well without leaving any dust or spots. Swiffer Wet Jet is provided with an excellent absorbent cleaning pad which is attached to a swivel, low profile head. The superb designing of this cleaning product makes it easy for you to reach the every corner of your house.

Swiffer Wet Jet also clean the areas around the toilet and the under counters.

Swiffer Wet Jet is fun to use. You are provided with a cleaning wand, a bottle of cleaning solution and a set of six cleaning pads. Swiffer jet works on four AA batteries. This mop system is used on the solution which is sprayed on the dusty floors. Swiffer jet works effectively on the solution and leave the floor almost dry.

The pads of the Swiffer jet absorb all the moisture and the dirt present on the floor and make it clean leaving it just perfect to walk on. You can use this superb cleaning product daily on your floors so as to get better cleaning. The use is easy and not much time consuming.…

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Business Plan

How To Choose The Best Home Business Now

Whether you need a source of income to replace a job or are just looking for a bit of extra income on the side, starting a home business is a great way to go about it. But there are thousands of possible things that you could do that would fall into the category of home business, and not all of them are the best home business for every person. I’ll help you narrow down your choices to the best home business for you specifically.
The first thing you need to do is take a look at your skills and interests. Take a piece of paper and make a list of absolutely everything you can do, whether it’s writing or quilting or programming. Think of you past, when you were younger, what were you passionate about? You should also think about the sort of products you’re interested in and knowledgeable about, and include them as possible business ideas, as you could always start a business selling or recommending these products.
If you like to go the extra mile, ask your friends, your colleges and even old friends with whom you are not hanging out anymore what are your best skills. Maybe they tell you the things which they did not like fist, but afterwards they let you know the things you were really good at.
The next thing you need to do is look through the list and eliminate anything there isn’t an actual demand for. Don’t just speculate; actually go online and see if there are people successfully selling whatever product or service you’re thinking about. For instance, if you’re thinking of selling handmade quilts, see if other people are doing it successfully. These people would be competing against you, but at least they prove that there is a market. The best home business does require a market to succeed.
Once you’ve eliminated the obvious duds, pick the item from your list that appeals to you most, and give it serious consideration. Do some calculations of how much it would cost in terms of materials (if any) and other set up costs, and how much you would need to make in order to be profitable. Think back to the previous step and what prices your competitors are setting as a guide for how much money you would be able to get per customer. If that’s not enough or barely enough to offset the costs, then the idea isn’t profitable, and you should choose the next most appealing item on your list and repeat this step over again. Do this until you’ve found the idea that is profitable. If none of them fit, go back to step one and come up with a new set of ideas and repeat the process.
Once you have finished, you should have found the best home business for you. It should be something you’re capable of doing and keep in mind, it should be something where your heart beats, something that there is a demand for, and something that will make you money. Now all you have to do is actually start working on it. Remember, each journey begins with the first step, take action NOW and start your list.…

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Starting An Online Business, Why Not?

Starting an Online business for many can be a big step into the unknown. In fact for many starting any business can have this same feeling and will take on a variety of emotions. Simply whatever new thing you do in life should, if possible contain a certain amount of preparation whether it is a business or not, preparation is king.
From many years of experience starting any business presents its own challenges but taking that bit of ‘extra’ time to decide and prepare will pay dividends and more than likely save you money in the long term and help to establish your new business.
First and foremost the business idea you are considering, is it something that you already do in some sort of way. If so, you then immediately have a distinct advantage, that interest or skill you already have means you have that ‘authority’ on it and a firm understanding on what is involved.
How much is it going to cost you? Consider not just the start up costs but ongoing costs that you will incur. Can you sustain a period of time of not making money, but don’t let that put you off. If you have planned it and worked out your cash flow with a decent business plan you will be able to see where you are going, and be in control.
It’s fine having the best business idea in the world but can you connect with your target audience? Do you realistically see and know who your customer is. Remember it isn’t everyone who wants your product or service.
Finally before all of the above is even considered what is your ‘why’. Do you really know why you are doing it, your vision, what is motivating you to make this step? Your ‘why’ should be written down and easily accessed at all times to provide a constant reminder of why you are doing it.
Online businesses are different because they exist within a virtual world; however it still comes down to the same fundamentals of building relationships. At the end of the day, people buy from people.
In summary, what is your why, do you know your product or service inside out, who is your customer, have you budgeted enough finance to support it and remember people buy from people.…

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Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan – The Market Analysis Section

Your business plan will include a Market Analysis section. This is the portion of the plan that will require the most research; rightfully so, since it will be a true indicator of whether you have a viable business or not.

The business plan Market Analysis will include:

Clearly define your industry or market. Provide statistics of the size of the market. You should also document any trends or cycles and a forecast for future growth or decline.

Pinpoint your target market. You should get as detailed as possible in defining your customer demographics. Narrow it down to age group, gender, income, lifestyle and locale. The more you understand your consumers, the better. Be sure to include any supporting statistics available in the appendices section of the business plan. Your market analysis should also indicate any motivating factors that will trigger your customers to purchase your products.

Market test results. Whether it be customer surveys or pols, you should have concrete statistics to support your industry research. In this market analysis section you should highlight the end results but the full details of the test should be available in the appendices section for further investigation by the reader.

Turnaround Time or Lead Time should be clearly defined. Indicate how long will it take to fulfill your orders or deliver the product to the customer. Are you capable of handling volume orders?

Discuss the barriers or road blocks you anticipate when creating a place for your product in the market and how you will overcome them. You need to briefly discuss what your competition’s strengths and weaknesses and how you compare.

The Market Analysis is a very important section of your business plan. It may be well worth your while to solicit the aid of a market research company who is experienced in surveying and poling consumers to help you more clearly define your target market. Since this factor is the foundation of your sales and marketing plans, it is of utmost importance that you get this right.…