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Keeping Your Office Organized

By Rusty Dec2,2020

Keeping Your Office Organized

Every time you leave your work place in disarray, you lose one hour of work a day. You can just imagine the cost it would mean to your company if you add up all the hours that you lose in a year. It could have meant more profits or savings. In this crisis, it might mean breaking even. Therefore, it is important to keep your office organized.

1. All of the things that you use should be placed near where you are seated. These are the personal computer, printer and the cabinet containing files you are currently working. Avoid having to stand and move away from your desk because this will confuse your senses; thereby, losing the train of thought you were in before you had to stand and it will take a while before you can go back to the same level of focus.

2. The ideal working table is that of a U-shaped where you surrounded by space to put on all of the stuff you are working on without standing or moving away from your comfortable position.

Once you have a U-shaped table, it would help a lot if you can find a swivel chair where you can seat and move around in a circular motion together with the chair without standing. Minimize the movement to maximize focus on the output.

3. Check the lay-out of your office space. There are ways of arranging the tables and chairs, the lighting, or even the view from the window of to maximize the efficiency from the employees.

4. Throw unnecessary stuff to keep the clean, tidy and organized. Start with the documents that are no longer relevant with your current set of clients. Having too much documents piled on top of the other gives a negative signal to the psych of the employees. Start the day with trashing stuff you no longer need. Clear your office of unwanted stuff.

When your office is clean, it is a more convenient to maintain, not to mentioned the feeling you get coming in to a clean office.

Once the people get a good feeling in coming to work, they will definitely start to have fun. When that happens, work will no longer be a burden, but fun – people will no longer whine of having less time to finish work. More importantly, when people have a positive attitude about their jobs, you’re likely to see some serious gains in overall productivity.

By Rusty

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