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A Business Plan Gives You Four Big Advantages

A business plan is not just for large corporate organsiations. It’s essential whatever your business size or stage of growth. Whether you’re starting out, with just the seed of an idea, or have been in business a number of years, a well-crafted plan will capture your vision and purpose, products and services, revenue targets, support required and actions to make it a reality.
As Mark Spillman, of cosmetics company Bare Escentuals says…
‘We’ve experienced significant growth over the last 4 years. From a small company we’ve now become a leading company in the UK premium cosmetics industry. This growth has, of course, been achieved with great people and great products but essentially it’s been achieved with well-crafted co-ordinated business plans that include all aspects of our business, from operations through to customer service.”
It really is a blue print for success and like a vision board you can bring it to life with pictures, quotes and inspiring goals… so that it becomes your own personal and practical guide to making your dreams a reality.
Here are just 4 big advantages to having a written business vision and plan…
Benefit # 1. It provides you with a bigger WHY. It’s easy to become exhausted with the day to day busy work of running a business and there probably will be times when you wonder ‘is it worth it?’ By having your purpose, vision and plan to hand you can reconnect with the real reason why you are in business.
Benefit # 2. A business plan maps out a clear route for where you’re heading which you can refer to, review and adjust as you progress. Think of it as an important destination that you’re setting out on. Like most holidays or trips, for example, you would work out in advance where you are going, how long it will take to get there and how much it would cost. Having this information will get you to where you want to get to faster than trying to figure it out along the way. Then once you set out you can make changes and course corrections when circumstances change or obstacles appear.
Benefit # 3. It acts as a benchmark against which you can assess what’s working and not working in your business before you run into problems. If you’re not meeting your revenue targets, or a particular product or service has not taken off, by referring back to your plan you can review your pricing, marketing and product mix to work out the changes you can make to get you back on track financially.
Benefit # 4. Your plan provides the template for you to work out different strategiesto adopt to move your business forward. One strategy may be to grow your client database or list, so that you can raise your profile and visibility, or you may want to focus on retaining existing clients by introducing new products or services and increasing the level and quality of service provided. Concentrating your efforts in this way will speed up your results.
Much has been written about the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking to manifest your dreams but your visioning needs to be backed up with planning and action to make it actually happen.
By investing a small amount of time upfront in preparing your Business Plan you’ll be amazed, like Mark Spillman, at how quickly your business can take off!…

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An Area Rug Cleaning Service Helps Protect Your Valuable Investment

An Area Rug Cleaning Service Helps Protect Your Valuable Investment

Area rugs serve many purposes including making your home aesthetically pleasing. They are also a large and valuable investment that in many cases are not easy to replace. People buy these rugs from all over the world and many of them are hand woven with intricate detail. The more history they have, the more valuable they are. Advances in cleaning have allowed many people to have the opportunity to have their in home items such as carpets and drapes cleaned by professionals at their residence. If you own one or many area rugs, you might have considered having someone come in and clean them. Just because someone knows how to clean a regular carpet, it does not mean they know how to properly clean an area rug. Area rug cleaning methods are very different than the methods used to clean regular carpets.

These types of rugs are normally expensive and therefore to protect your investment, it is better to hire an area rug cleaning service. They specialize in area rug cleaning and know what cleaning products and washing methods to use for each type of rug. Businesses that provide in home cleaning can do a lot of harm to your prized possession. Area rugs need to be aired out properly and require specific care depending on their origination and the materials they are made of. When someone cleans your rug in your home, they often clean the rug while it is on the floor and without any knowledge of the rugs materials. Dirt and grit are left in the rug because the top part is the only part that gets soaked with detergent. The other half of the rug does not even get cleaned. If they get the rug too wet, the rug can mildew or dry rot. The rug will not dry properly because it is left lying flat on the floor resulting in it wearing out faster and possibly decreasing the value of the rug. This will also attract more dirt and make the whole process a waste. Having continuous dirt and residue in your rug will break down the fibers and cause it to become weak and look more worn in a much shorter time.

When you take time picking your rug out and spend a lot of money on it, the last thing you want is someone ruining something very important to you. An area rug cleaning service is always the smartest and best choice when you have a rug that needs to be cleaned. They are familiar with every type of rug and know not only how to clean them but also how to make any repairs that will help retain their value and keep them looking good. Services that specialize in area rug cleaning will pick the rug up, wash and dry it appropriately, make any needed repairs, and then return it to you in better condition than when it left. Don’t leave something so valuable in the hands of just anyone. Choose a company that will give you the proper service and piece of mind you need when taking care of such a special item.…

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3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Now, with a title like 3 ways to extend the life of your carpet, I have little doubt that readers will be stumbling over themselves to click the button to read this article. Afterall who couldn’t stand to extend the life of anything in their home, or really just about anything at all? Alright, so I know carpet cleaning may not be the most electric of topics, but it is still worthy of our attention. So, let’s give it some attention by giving attention to your carpets. I hope that makes sense!

The first tip we are going to look at is age-old, and honestly one of my favourites!

1. Vacuum your carpet!

A lot may be said about whether or not you like or love to vacuum your carpets. The fact of the matter is that I kind of like it. I understand that I may not be in the majority of people there, but so be it. We all have our peculiar likes and dislikes. But here’s why everyone should vacuum (REGULARLY):

Vacuuming your carpet cleans up dust, tiny dirt particles, vegetable fibres, etc. First of all these nasty particles can cause allergic reactions and can actually reduce the quality of your (and your family’s) wellbeing! That’s just true. Secondly, if you wait too long, those particles will sift their way down through your carpet to the base, where they will get stuck. If you ask me, that basically means that they will permanently damage your carpet. So, just vacuum it at least once a week!

2. Spot cleaning

I doubt that there is anyone, but those unconcerned with ever having guests, who don’t care about stains on their carpets. They look terrible, and make you look like you won’t be able to afford dinner tomorrow night! The rule here is really quite simple: try to take care of stains and tough spots ASAP. Don’t save that for tomorrow. Remember to blot before your rub or scrub and consider getting a good carpet cleaning product to help with the spill.

3. Get a professional to come in sometimes.

I don’t know about you but I am big on professionals! There are some people in this world who are experts at certain things. I say let them do their job! So, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to come and clean your carpet every so often. I would say once a year, but the final call is up to you. This will ensure that your carpet lasts longer and looks a little nicer for your guests.

I hope these carpet care tips have been helpful for you. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.…

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Use a Pros and Cons Analysis to Choose the Right Business Idea

Most entrepreneurial types have a million business ideas, and under pressure they could come up with a million and one. The trick to a successful startup is picking the right one for the time, resources, and market available when you are ready to launch. Very few businesses fail because the idea is not viable, but a great many opportunities are missed because the entrepreneur doesn’t take the time to evaluate the best idea to pursue given the circumstances.
Every startup requires time, money and hard work to succeed, but the road is much smoother if there is a sufficient, reachable market for your product. Every business idea should go through a cursory analysis before any significant resources are spent. A rudimentary pros and cons list can go a long way in eliminating bad business ideas and can give you a head start in developing the good ones.
The pros and cons of any new business idea should include, at a minimum, the following areas:
How much do you know about the actual operations of your business idea? How much effort is required to produce a single unit of your product? Do you have the skills to produce it yourself or will you partner up, hire experienced employees, or outsource the skills that you lack?
Is there a sufficient market to support your business idea? That is, are there enough people or businesses that will benefit from your product that marketing can be fairly broad? Or will you have to seek and find a very limited number of opportunities to sell? Is your idea a positive innovation on something people already use or will you have to introduce an entirely new concept to your market? Does your idea provide a greater benefit to your customers than the competition’s products? Will that increased benefit be enough to draw your own market share? How will your product be distributed initially? Down the road?
How crowded is the industry you are entering? Are there a lot of big guns you will be competing with? How will you fit into the marketplace? Will you compete on quality, benefits, price or some other factor? And, will the market respond to those differences? Remember that competing on price is the most difficult, unless you have concocted an innovative way to produce for far less than anyone else. Where is the industry headed? Will your idea expand to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace?
Resource Needs
What do you estimate your startup will cost? Do you have access to enough cash to launch it on your own? Assume, worst-case, that finding outside funding will be there a way to modify your idea to make it affordable? Do you have the time to devote to your startup? Can you afford to work a few months without significant income? How much of your personal resources are you willing to risk?
Objectively consider whether the business idea will hold your attention and interest over time. If you are motivated purely by profit, but have no interest in the product itself, it will be difficult to stay motivated through the dark days of your there will be dark days. You don’t necessarily have to love your business idea to succeed, but you need to find satisfaction in the day-to-day work. Somebody made millions from producing twist is doubtful that they adored the idea of twist ties before launching the business. More likely, they enjoyed the manufacturing and production industry in general, and saw a need for that particular item.
Path Forward
Write down every relevant factor you can think of related to your business idea and list out the pros and cons of each. Be as objective as possible about each aspect Talk to people about your idea and accept their input. Never be offended by negative responses, but try to dig for information that might improve on your original idea. Most of the time solid planning results in a far different venture than initially considered — this is a good sign. The more you learn, the more you can refine your idea into one that is bound for success.
If you have multiple business ideas, list the pros and cons for each of them, then compare the outcomes. Begin your entrepreneurial career with the easiest option; you can always launch the other ideas later. In fact, a little experience in starting any size and type of business will probably reduce the cons of your other ideas by the time you get around to launching them.…

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A Review of The CarbonCopyPRO Home Business Marketing Platform

A Review of The CarbonCopyPRO Home Business Marketing Platform

Don’t get me wrong my up line was always available, but they were in the same position as me, sound familiar? Anyway after much searching on the internet, looking at probably every single home business opportunity on the planet, I came across CarbonCopyPro.

So what I would like to do is describe some of it’s aspects that impressed me, and then let you take a look at the system for yourself. In my opinion, to give yourself the best chance of success as a home business entrepreneur, you must choose the right business model, a model that is proven to succeed, this is your vehicle to success, think of it like a car. Some companies will provide a Mercedes whilst others may provide a tricycle.

The point is obviously the Mercedes will get you to your destination a lot quicker and with a whole lot more support for your efforts. I certainly believe that the Training and support you receive with CarbonCopyPro makes it the Mercedes of the home business industry.

CarbonCopyPro have almost completely eradicated the problems facing home business owners, as an example, a large percentage of the people coming into the home business sector on the internet, either can’t sell, or do not want to sell, so CarbonCopyPro have sorted this little problem by providing a team of highly trained professional sales people who do all the selling for you. Of course, for those who want to, CarbonCopyPro will also provide training for the Home business owner to do the selling themselves.

What this means when you first start out, is that you can concentrate all of your early efforts on marketing, which you receive first class training on as well, which really helps, because in all honesty, most people starting a home business don’t really have much of a clue when it comes to marketing.

Cold calling, Flyers and hanging around supermarkets and shopping malls are unfortunately – despite the high-tech world we now live in – still form the main marketing strategy of a lot of home business opportunities out there. However NOT with CarbonCopyPro.

You see, CarbonCopyPro lead the world with their cutting edge training and marketing systems which are delivered by some of the worlds top internet marketers, meaning members of the CarbonCopyPro community are able to take advantage and potentially become super successful themselves.

CarbonCopyPro provide live weekly training webinars, where you can watch and learn to see just what the top producers do on a daily basis to produce leads and generate sales. In short, CarbonCopyPro is the perfect training and marketing system to allow any home business owner to market and sell anything they choose.…

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5 Reasons To Pick The Online Home Business

An online home business differs from another online home business like human beings differ from each other. They have different training systems and different support systems. Some are especially for the newbies, some for the more experienced marketers. Even the styles, how the contents have been built direct the offer to the certain target groups.
1. How Does The Best Online Home Business Look Like?
What do you require from the business? Regular income with minimal efforts? Both the amount of efforts and the quality of efforts bring certain key figures, like the number of the visitors and the conversion rate. Of these figures the conversion rate is the most important, because that is the measure of the quality.
But when a newbie is selecting the new online business, how would he know about these things? It is impossible. But if he knows a merchant, who has a brilliant affiliate system with which many have reached good financial results, he can be quite sure, that that is worth to try. If that merchant has a professional training system, the better.
2. A Newbie Needs Training Material And A Forum and Online Support.
A newbie starts from the scratch and this is the reason, why he requires a lot of possibilities to study but also places, where he can ask and to get an immediate answer. An effective merchant has arranged these. The training can happen with videos, DVDs, training pages and email lessons. The personal support through email support and support forum.
3. The Cost Of The Business.
A newbie must be very careful with the costs and to prefer the free promotions in the beginning. It is clear, that he can join the affiliate programs for free and that all training material are free. After a newbie has picked the main items of the training, he can surf the Net to find more useful information about the topic.
4. The Needed Tools.
If the affiliate program recommends certain tool, you can think about it. But prefer the free versions first, because otherwise the bill can be just too big. For instance the article distribution systems can have free and paid version. Pick the free one to start with.
5. Check The Track Record.
An affiliate program is in many respects like a human being. If a program has been online only few months, check the backgrounds carefully. But if it has operated for several years and the forum says it is good, then it cannot be a scam.
The affiliate programs are branded products and the best ones are known in every forum, because they have operated for so many years and because they have so many members. A newbie just has to ask, does that program fit for a newbie and if yeas, why.…

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Clean Persian Rugs Using Professional Cleaning Services

Clean Persian Rugs Using Professional Cleaning Services

You have purchased an exquisite Persian rug for their durability and splendor. Now that it is decorating your home, what do you need to do to maintain its current condition? The answer is to become familiar with how to clean Persian rugs and care for them. A well kept rug can be part of your home for a long time. Online research or a quick call to an experienced cleaner can provide you will all the details on how to clean Persian rugs. Any time you are unsure of what needs to be done, speak with an expert. Here are some tips that can start you on the right path for taking care of this intricate possession.

How to Clean a Persian Rug – Tips for General Care

Knowledge of how to clean a Persian rug and proper protection is necessary to keep your rug looking good. Padding extends your rugs life. It also helps the rug breathe and reduces the effects of high traffic. Rugs that have padding underneath them do not slip as easily and are less likely to tear or rip. Wrinkling is also reduced by using padding. The location and amount of use your rug receives will determine how often it needs to be rotated. Use curtains to reduce the amount of sunlight the rug is subjected to and prevent fading. For heavy wear, rotate your rug twice a year. Always vacuum along the pile going fringe to fringe. Vacuuming needs to be done weekly just as with any other type of carpet. Set the vacuum for a bare floor to prevent harming the fibers of the rug. It is also a good idea to vacuum the back of the rug annually. Check your rug often for moth and beetle infestations. They can do major damage to the rug and are often found in rugs that reside in dark locations. Treat your rug for moths if you will be storing it for an extended period of time. Qualified cleaners can provide you with additional information on Persian rug cleaning.

How to Clean Oriental Carpets – Leave the Cleaning to Professionals

Maintenance can be taken care of by any rug owner, but cleaning needs to be left to someone that knows how to clean Oriental carpets. While many online resources boast that cleaning can be done at home, it is not recommended for expensive Oriental carpets. You will find that the online cleaning recommendations are for inexpensive wool area rugs. Professionals that are familiar with how to clean Oriental carpets can protect the rug better during cleaning. This type of cleaning should be done every few years by a reputable company. Use customer reviews and referrals from other rug owners to determine which rug cleaning company in your area is trustworthy. Leave stubborn stains to professionals and attempt to clean up spills without delay. Do not use home spot cleaners. A professional has the right spot treatments for your rug and will be able to clean it well and get rid of most stains.…