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Finance Management in Companies

Finance Management in Companies


It is a fact that money is the backbone of our society; it may not give us any abstract pleasure, however, it is definitely needed for fulfilling most of the necessities of our lives. Thus, managing money is also important in all aspects of the society and so finance management is a very important attribute of any business organization.

The financial management team of a business deals with the analysis, or systematic review of its commercial activities and its financing, in order to determine its ability to create value for its shareholders or to repay all kinds of debt to its creditors. The financial analysis focuses on several key issues for the prosperity of the company. Thus, all major corporations have a finance management team to take care of all their monetary needs and transactions.

What does the Finance Management team deal with?

The various aspects of a business that it deals with includes the economic environment of the company, its growth prospects, the degree of competition observed and expected, the different stakeholders and their power relationship (suppliers, distributors, employees) and finally the production tools.

If the monetary aspects of a company are not taken care off then it will not be able to function in a way which will be conducive to the overall growth of the company. The salaries of the employees, the purchase of resources, paying the support staff, paying utility bills, managing cost of production, sanctioning funds for new projects, sending invoices or bills to the clients, following up on the payments etc. are all different functions that this department efficiently handles.

Other key functions:

This department also analyzes investments to determine their status; if the investments are not able to generate the estimated amount of profit, then finance managers are expected to come up with solutions that will turn these investments in to profit generating tools. They are also required to analyze the market and point out new avenues of investments that can yield higher returns. Their main goal is to ensure the flow of cash in a way, that the balance sheet of the company can show profit and create goodwill among the shareholders.

The other important function is to manage a balance between the assets and the liabilities of the company. It is an alarming sign if the liabilities are more than the assets and so the finance management team should take preventive steps from time to time so that the liabilities can be paid off and reduced.…

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Startup Business Ideas – Don’t Ignore These 8 Great Ideas!

If you’re looking for simple and low risk startup business ideas then this is the article for you, let’s get right into it.
1. Local business: there is a massive opportunity at the moment to help local stores get a website and get online. If you can learn a few simple web design tricks you can fill this niche in your area.
2. Forum offers: whatever market you want to work in there are hundreds of forums online full of potential clients who are also obsessed by the subject. So what you need to do is craft an offer just for the forum members and then build your profits on the back end.
3. Direct mail: have you noticed that you get a lot less junk mail theses days? Well that is because most advertisers have turned to email marketing, which leaves a gap in the market for a good copywriter to refill that space.
4. Google advertising: You must have seen this while browsing the web. Google has ads on millions of sites and this can be a great low cost way for you to gain leads for any new business.
5. Freelance: If you have a skill for writing then there are so many webmasters looking for people to write good copy. Visit a site like and see what you can find.
6. Get partners: so you may be great at marketing but not have the profile to be able to front your own products. The way to get around this is to borrow the credibility of a partner and split the profits.
7. Sell information: the great thing about info products is that people find it hard to value information. So you can command high sums for simple ebooks.
8. Start a blog: this is one of the best startup business ideas that I have come across because you can take a subject your are passionate about and just start writing about it once a day. The only thing you need to check is that there are people searching for your topic and then you’re good to go. Once you have a good number of hits per day you can start to display ads and the revenue will roll in.
Happy days…
Final thoughts.
I thought long and hard about putting this list together because to be honest with you startup business ideas are everywhere. The trick is to pick the right one that works best for you and take massive action to make this stuff happen.
I wish you all the best of luck with your new business.…

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The Importance of Social Media Tracking

It’s a well-known fact that being active on social networks can be advantageous to building your business and your customer relationships. Your marketing strategies should therefore include networking as a significant factor in marketing your brand. However I can’t put enough stress on the importance of Social Media Tracking because sooner or later you need to take a look at the return on your efforts. Participating is all very well but in the end it all comes down to revenue generation versus the cost to your business.

Here are a few tips to help you decide on the best strategies for your business.

Are you in the right place?

There is only a limited amount of time that can be made available for your online activities and hence it is vital that you don’t waste time that’s better spent elsewhere. Almost every business needs to be online but there is no need to be everywhere. You only need to be in the places that are right for you. Look at it this way, if you’re at a party where the guests are devout vegans then talking about your interest in the latest beef barbeque recipes would well and truly fall on deaf ears. So ask yourself these questions:

Is the site relevant?

There are numerous free sites that you can join but they are not necessarily all relevant to your business. For example, there is a plethora of free blogging sites but you only need one or two to promote your business. It’s much better for your business to have a strong presence on one or two relevant sites than to be one of many everywhere.

Can you beat the competition?

There are millions of businesses with an online presence and getting noticed can be difficult, particularly if you’re new to the game and are still trying to introduce your startup business ideas. A perfect example is YouTube. Yes millions of people do indeed watch the videos but will you be able to make your business stand out from the competition? Do some planning before you decide to jump in.

Is your time well spent?

Keeping track of the cost of your offline marketing activities is simple. One look at your bills will tell you exactly how much you’ve spent. What’s often overlooked however is the hidden cost of your online marketing activities. As the saying goes; time is money and what you need to measure is the cost of the time invested on your social media marketing versus the return on that investment.

Putting a price on your online activities.

You will need to make a budget allocation for the cost of your time invested in your online activities as much as you make a budget allocation for your actual marketing costs. A few simple steps can help with this.

Quantify your online time

Start by analysing the time spent on your various online activities over the past year and note them in order of your most profitable business ideas to the worst results achieved. Based on this analysis estimate the time that you are likely to spend on various activities in the next twelve months and allocate it to individual projects.

Cost your effort

Put a realistic hourly rate on your time. You can either vary this rate depending on the complexity of a task or use a base rate and vary the duration of a task. The latter tends to be the simplest approach.

Tracking your costs versus benefits

As I’ve said in the introduction; Participating in Social Media is all very well but in the end it all comes down to revenue generation versus the cost to your business.

Budgeting for a Social Media Presence

Divide the time allocated to each one of next year’s projects by task. A simple but effective time allocation principle is:

25% reading – keeping up to date by reading online material, including what’s being said about you and related or competing businesses.

50% communication – replying to comments on your blog, emailing, re-tweeting interesting articles, etc

25% creating content – writing blog posts, Facebook updates, creating videos, etc. Creating regular new content is vital to being found by the Search Engines.

Now apply your base rate to each task within a project.

Monitor your progress

Track your results for each activity e.g.

– use Google Analytics to check the performance of your blog

– calculate the conversion rate for your Facebook ads

– monitor the views of your YouTube videos

Check the ROI of time invested on your Social Media Strategies and make regular adjustments to your budget projections as needed.

I hope this article is of help to you. Do you use any form of Social Media Tracking to measure the results of your efforts? I’d love to get …

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Cleaner Offices Means Happier Employees

Cleaner Offices Means Happier Employees

As we come out of recession the main task facing business is to restructure and gear up for future expansion. Often starting from a slimmed down workforce those who are left could be vital in helping a business to get on the right track. In recognition of this, the Human Resources world is awash with the importance of making the most of your good employees. In fact, a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) said that employee engagement is the top challenge facing companies over the next three to five years.

One of the easiest ways to make employees feel valued is to make sure that their surroundings are clean and pleasant. Dirty and grimy conditions not only look bad they have a subliminal effect on people’s attitudes. Present an employee with a clean fresh office and they are far more likely to produce good work than in a dirty one.

Your best ally in helping to keep offices clean and therefore employees happy is a good cleaning company. They will be able to agree a rota with you that will keep your office looking good and smelling fresh. Good cleaning companies understand not only the importance of cleanliness but also the importance of being an invisible presence in the office. They know that just as having a greasy desk is a barrier to work, so is the constant hum of a vacuum cleaner.

Taking a little time in drawing up a cleaning rota will minimise both cost and disruption. For example, toilets and kitchen areas should ideally be cleaned daily. Overflowing bins and crumbs on the floor are the first to be noticed so add in a quick vacuum and emptying the bins to the daily task list. Desks and shelves can get away with being polished on a weekly basis. Alerting employees to this weekly task encourages them to have a clean desk policy at least once a week. If at all possible make this a Friday so that Monday morning starts with a clean and clear desk, a great encouragement to get on with tasks.

Even though floors are being vacuumed daily, sooner or later ground in dirt will start to make its presence known with a musty odour and a slightly greasy carpet feel. It is therefore worth adding a monthly deep carpet clean to the rota.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of keeping office equipment clean. Surveys have revealed that some office equipment can carry more germs than a toilet. A monthly or weekly sanitising clean of telephones, keyboards et cetera will keep the germs down and help to lessen the spread of illness.

Whilst providing a clean environment is not a one stop solution to employee engagement, it will go some way towards helping employees to feel cared for. A clean office is much more likely to be a happy office and that is a great first step.…

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How to Make Money Online: A Virtual Assistant Business Plan Is Important to Your Success

A virtual assistant business plan can help you determine the direction that will give you the best possible chance of success. Virtual assistants are independent contractors who perform a variety of tasks and services remotely. If you work as an assistant, writing a business plan will help you define your objectives and assist you in keeping your daily tasks well managed.
Benefits of a Business Plan
If you want to effectively promote your services and achieve your career goals, then you need a plan for your online business. A virtual assistant business plan can help you establish priorities and find new job opportunities. It should also give you a clear picture of your goals, competition, budget, services, and targeted audience.
Writing a plan for your business is a great way to increase your self confidence and organize your ideas. A business plan shows you where you need help and guides you into the direction you want your business to go into. It also outlines your vision for the future of your business and enables you to identify problems early on and take appropriate action. By creating a plan, you will be able to look at your business ideas objectively and persuade others to invest time and money in your services.
How to Write a Business Plan
The Internet is an excellent resource for finding a business plan template. A standard plan should include the following sections:
• Summary
• Company description
• Services
• Objectives
• Strategy and implementation
• Market analysis
• Financial analysis
It should answer four simple questions:
• Why does your business exist?
• What are your goals on long term?
• How will you get there?
• How much will it cost to achieve your goals?
Your objectives should be measurable and realistic. The plan you write should have a logical structure and present a well thought out idea. You also need to identify your potential customers and show how they will benefit from using your services. A plan that covers all aspects of your business will help you advertise your skills more effectively and find new clients who are interested in what you have to offer.
There is no single formula for creating a business plan. Make sure you understand what makes your business unique and then search for ways to achieve your goals. Your plan should outline potential opportunities for your business and help you implement your sales strategy. Identifying your objectives will make you a better assistant and help you grow your online business.…

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5 Richest People in the World 2021, Who’s Number One?

Hey Young People, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos keep on following up!

Recently, Forbes officially released a list of the world’s richest people in 2021. Tesla owner, Elon Musk , this time managed to be at the top after shifting Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla is in first place with a total wealth of 220.9 billion US dollars or around Rp. 3,102 trillion.So, what is the wealth of Jeff Bezos and the five richest people in the world? This is the list of the five richest people in the world according to Forbes as of Tuesday (19/10/2021).

I thought that nothing could stop my racing anxiety brain until I tried Ambien. I did my own research on and found out that this is a relatively safe sleep preparation, though it has a misuse potential. However, if you use it based on your doctor’s prescription, it will give you desired sleep without causing dependency.

1. Elon Musk (Rp 3,102 trillion)

Estimated to have a total wealth of 220.9 billion US dollars, or around Rp. 3,102, Elon Musk managed to rank first as the richest person in the world.
Elon Musk’s wealth stems from two of his main businesses, the auto electric car company Tesla and the space rocket company SpaceX.The 50-year-old entrepreneur owns a 25% stake in Tesla. Meanwhile, SpaceX has a valuation of US$70 billion or around Rp. 1,043 trillion after receiving funding in February 2021.

2. Jeff Bezos (Rp 2.820 trillion)

The founder of one of the largest e-commerce in the world, Jeff Bezos , this time had to settle for being ranked second as the richest person in the world.It is estimated that the 57-year-old entrepreneur has a total wealth of US$199.7 billion or around Rp. 2.820 trillion.Amazon’s revenue in 2020 when the lockdown was imposed reached US$385 billion or around Rp. 5,442 trillion.Besides Amazon, Jeff Bezosdffffcx is also the media owner of The Washington Post and Blue Origin (a company that develops space rockets for commercial needs).

3. Bernard Arnault (Rp 2,552 trillion)

Bernard Arnault is the Chairman and CEO of the world-renowned fashion company Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH).He oversees a group of 70 major fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton and Sephora.The total wealth of the entrepreneur who was once ranked first in the richest in the world and his family is estimated to reach 180.8 billion US dollars or around Rp. 2,552 trillion.

4. Bill Gates (Rp 1.874 trillion)

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now expanding his business focus by investing into zero-carbon energy and philanthropy.Bill Gates has invested in dozens of companies including the Canadian National Railway and AutoNation which is one of the largest agricultural landowners in the United States.It is estimated that Bill Gates has a total wealth of 132.9 billion US dollars or around Rp. 1.874 trillion.

5. Larry Ellison (Rp 1.776 trillion)

Larry Ellison is the chairman, chief technology officer, and co-founder of the software giant Oracle. He also owns 35 percent of the company’s shares.Ellison also joined Tesla’s board of directors in December 2018, after buying 3 million Tesla shares earlier in the year.Harry Ellison’s total wealth is estimated at 126.6 billion US dollars or around Rp. 1.776 trillion.…

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Leather Interior Cleaning & Conditioning

Leather Interior Cleaning & Conditioning

If your car has a leather interior it is important to keep it clean and hydrated/conditioned in order to preserve the structure and life of it. As leather is fundamentally an animal rawhide, if it is not looked after and maintained properly it can very quickly become ingrained with dirt, discoloured and worn. If you have a car with a leather interior that is ingrained with dirt and worn it suggests that the rest of the car may not have been looked after and maintained properly.

It is important that once your leather has been cleaned, that it is hydrated/conditioned in order to prevent it from drying out. If leather does become dried out it will begin to wear much quicker and may begin to crack, especially if exposed to direct sunlight, like in a convertible for example. Keeping your leather hydrated and conditioned also helps to retain the natural scent of the leather which inevitably disappears over time but can be prolonged with regular cleaning and maintenance.

The age and general condition of your leather will determine how often it should be cleaned. Ideally it should be initially thoroughly cleaned and conditioned so that it is in as best condition as possible and then simply regularly maintained to keep it in that clean condition.

Once your leather has had an initial thorough clean which should be undertaken about every 6 -12 months it can be vacuumed and maintained weekly or monthly depending on the usage of the vehicle and owners requirements.

Before cleaning your leather it should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove any loose dirt & particles, a soft brush attachment or a crevice tool attachment used in conjunction with a soft detailing brush will enable you to reach into all areas and prevent any damage being inflicted.

A designated leather cleaning product should be used to clean the surface of the leather and applied with a micro fibre applicator pad. A stiff bristled detailing or nail bush can be used to help lift dirt from the grain of the leather but be careful not to overwork the area as this could lead to unnecessary wear/damage being inflicted.

A designated hydrating/conditioning product should then be used to keep your leather in a supple condition and again, applied via a micro fibre applicator pad. Once products have been applied and worked in or left to be absorbed, the leather should be buffed over with a clean dry micro fibre towel. Leather should be maintained with a damp micro fibre towel and a light designated cleaning product if necessary after vacuuming.…