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Survival Skills For the Work at Home Warrior

Survival Skills For the Work at Home Warrior

Is clean laundry located on every flat surface of your home? Are there stacks of pants and shorts resting on the back of the couch? Are there piles of underwear and T-shirts of every color heaped on the dining room table where you used to eat? Is there a sock basket overflowing and glaring at you from the corner of the living room reminding you of yet another task waiting to be done? Did you know this makes you completely normal, and as solider of the WAH world you are about to defeat the enemy! Your constant skirmishes with the enemy (aka: laundry) is what we will be conquering today and here is our plan:

Confine the enemy: Simply put, all laundry (clean and dirty) belongs in one spot, area, or room. This will keep the enemy where you can find it! It is only allowed to leave the area if it is going to be directly put on a body (yours or your families) or directly into a closet or drawer.

Small battles will help you defeat the big one: Give up the idea of taking the time to “do all the laundry!” and start thinking in five minute increments. Only gather and take care of the items you need to get through tomorrow. Take care of that by washing everything in one load. Yes, I know your whites will not be whiter than white but we will forgive you! And you can always add do a whites only on the week with extra bleach.

Rethink your battle objectives: Clean sheets every week? Ha! Do you really need clean sheets every week when you crawl into your bed after your bath or shower every single night? Try the every two weeks method and it will just be our little secret! This can include that endless supply of towels – hanging them after you use them and you can recycle them for tomorrow too! Does this apply to wash clothes? You decide (something things are just too personal!)

Retreat can be a good thing in the right situation: Set the kitchen timer for ten minutes. Clear off the dining room table, dump the sock basket in the middle and start matching pairs. When the timer goes off grab a plastic garbage bag and dump the remaining unmatched socks into to it and run do not walk to the garbage cans outside. Take a deep breath and throw that enemy in and slam down that lid! Look at your matching pairs and calculate how many pairs for which dependent are available – remember you only need seven pairs or less per person to get through the week. The Sock Battle is Won!!!!…

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Keeping Your Office Clean and Tidy

Keeping Your Office Clean and Tidy

If you want to make a good impression when it comes to your work, you should make it a point to have a presentable working area. Your employees or co-workers in the company will respect you for this — being an organized and orderly person. This will also impress your customers and business partners and will give them peace of mind knowing that you can be trusted with serious matters.

Nevertheless, you should not do this for other people’s sake. You should do it for yourself. Having an organized office will help you work efficiently. It will increase your work performance and will improve the quality of your work.

Choose the right office desk

How do you know if an office table is right for you? Well, it should work to your benefit preferably having many areas for storage. Drawers are helpful in storing papers, pens, markers, paper clips, stapler and other necessary work materials. You may also want to have sectional areas in your drawer to separate different items. Some desks also have doors and divided compartments where you can stack papers and books.

Get a desk organizer

These are helpful when organizing papers and files on your desk. There are certain documents that need to be near us as we use them every day. However, you cannot just have them piled up on your desk and this is where the desk organizer comes to your rescue. Have an organizer for pens, scissors, paper clips, staple wires, and note pads. Some have rotational features, too. If you need a constant reminder of your daily schedule, have a calendar organizer.

Place your office furniture in strategic areas in the room

Aside from your office table, you can buy other furniture to have organization in your office. If you have many books, get a bookshelf to stock them. Arrange the books according to topic or category. You can also have a rack for journals, newspapers, and magazines.

Filing cabinet

Offices often involve many files of different sorts and classifications. Folders specifically should be kept in a file cabinet where you can arrange it alphabetically. Label the folders and drawers so you would not get confused and mix up the files.

This will also give you easy access for the files you need. You can also lock away important files, which are for your eyes only.

Put a rubbish bin near you

We can have a lot of trash papers, clips, staple wires, and other items in the office. Sometimes we accumulate tons of them in just one day. Since garbage is a part of your daily work, you need a rubbish bin to house all these items. Pick a trash bin with a lid so that the mess is not open for people to see.

Clean your office regularly

Make sure that before you leave the office your things are tidy and neat. You could also have it cleaned so as not to accumulate dust, dirt an even cobwebs. Put things back to their proper place before leaving the office

Organization in your work will help you to work more efficiently. Do this every day and get it into your system. The results will pay off and you will see that you can do more with a clean and tidy office.

Nonetheless, keeping your office neat and clean is not enough. Equip it with appropriate furniture to improve on the office look and efficiency of employees.

La Furniture offers varied styles of affordable office furniture that are ergonomically designed. Remember, you need to make a good choice as office furniture always leave an indelible mark to your customers and clients.…

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Why a Prenup May Be a Good Idea For You

Why a Prenup May Be a Good Idea For You

The prenup is not and never has been an easy or pleasant topic for couples to broach. However, while once set aside for the super wealthy, prenups are becoming far more common for traditional couples that don’t have enormous assets and properties at stake. Prenups have become a means for couples to clearly outline their assets so as to avoid messy divorces and break-ups. It may be an uncomfortable topic to bring up, but it is a good idea for many couples that can be beneficial even if a divorce never becomes an issue.

Every state has rules and laws determining how money and assets will be divided up at the end of a marriage. A well-written prenup simply allows a couple to create their own rules if this situation is to arise. It is, however, a touchy subject that needs to be brought up and handled carefully so as not to cause a rift with your partner. There may never be a perfect time to bring it up and you likely are better able to judge the mood of your partner better than anyone else. One important piece of advice is that it is a topic that should be discussed earlier rather than later. It is not a good idea to bring up a prenup close to your wedding day as this could cause stress or seem like a sign of uncertainty. It is likely a topic that will require several conversations and thus giving yourself time so that it does not have to be rushed is a good idea.

In terms of the specifics of the prenup, it should be up to you and your partner. One important thing to consider is that it is likely best to focus on assets and properties. Also the point of a prenup is to determine who will get the major assets rather than all the individual items. For example, it is probably best to avoid discussions over who will get the dog, the DVDs or that mirror in the kitchen. Focusing on such petty items will likely cause disputes and disagreements, which is not the point of arranging for a prenup.

There are also other options aside from a prenup that can be discussed. For couples that are already married, or for those who are about to take their vows, a post-nup may make more sense. Trusts are another potential option. They can serve to transfer certain assets from an individual’s estate to a separate location. This move enables certain assets or properties not to be considered marital property before the marriage has occurred. Some couples can even decide to simply keep some of their individual assets separate. Such agreements can work but they can also lead to complications if alterations to such assets occur during the marriage.

The bottom line is that prenups are becoming a more common means of clearly identifying assets and properties so as to avoid messy, complicated divorces. Whether or not you decide to get a prenup is up to each individual couple, but regardless it is an option that should be considered.…

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Learn How to Succeed in a Home Based Business Using These 2 Suggestions

Home based business ideas is one of the most widely searched, long tail keywords on Google today. The reason for this should be obvious. People by the thousands are entering the work at home market in response to a sluggish economy and a stagnant job market.
But here’s the thing about the people who will get involved with home based business opportunities; most of them are going to fail. As sad as this sounds, it’s reality. But – and this is a really big but – it just does not have to be that way.
Let’s first address the reason why most people will fail when getting involved in a work at home opportunity, then we’ll look at what is required to make sure that you are not one of them.
Simply put, the number one reason why those who jump into the home business game fail is because they lack practical business skills. Most people enter into a home business from the background of having been an employee. Entrepreneurs succeed at building businesses whereas employees do not.
Employees seek the comfort and safety of having a boss and a job. They bring a trade-dollars-for-hours mentality into a home business and find they are not prepared for entrepreneurial success.
And before we go any further, understand that in today’s world there is no longer safety and security in having a job anyway. I think today’s double digit unemployment rate is proof enough of this. In other words, even basic survival in today’s world requires a new mindset; the mindset of an entrepreneur.
Understand that entrepreneurs are made they are not born. Nobody was born a successful home business owner. What this means is you can succeed in your own business provided you prepare to succeed. If you’re hoping to somehow succeed by accident then I would urge you to get ready for a long, hard, fruitless journey.
The second biggest reason most people will fail in their own home business is due to blind faith. Let me explain what I mean.
All too often people get involved in one home business or the other because they were convinced by a friend or family member to get on board. It’s a classic case of the blind leading the blind. Just because your friend talks you into starting your own business does not mean they’ll be able to help you succeed.
Rather than allowing yourself to be convinced by somebody else that their business opportunity is right for you, wouldn’t it be a better idea to team up with a real business partner?
What I can tell you is you can improve your potential for home based business success by aligning yourself with the right business partner. Rather than being convinced of starting a business by a friend, why not actively seek out somebody with a proven track record who can help you to succeed?
Furthermore, who’s to say your friend’s new business is right for you? They may have started a business based on their own criteria but is their criteria right for you?
To recap, there are two things you can do, up front, to ensure success in your work at home business. First is to prepare yourself for entrepreneurial success through developing good business skills. Second is to align yourself with the right business partner. Somebody who can provide you with the help you’ll need to succeed as a work from home entrepreneur.…

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How Do Granite Countertop Cleaners Work?

How Do Granite Countertop Cleaners Work?

Granite as natural stone is porous and when used as the material for countertops, it will absorb spilled liquid – the precursor to dirt, grime and stains. An all-purpose cleaner can help free the countertop of surface dirt or grime but when it comes to absorbed stain, not even the best granite countertop cleaner can relieve the surface of unsightly marks. Unless a hard and durable clear sealant had been previously applied over the granite surface to seal or plug the pores, then any home cleaning product can be effectively used.

Why do homes prefer countertops made from granite? Simply because granite is super tough and when used as countertops, it can last indefinitely. Formed from volcanic magma, the granite is therefore a by product of a natural process that dictates its color, hardness, durability, heat-resistance, and the aesthetic appeal that it dishes-off as a countertop material. Granite countertops are great additions to any living space, but require proper maintenance, particularly periodic application of a granite countertop cleaner, which is a home cleaning product.

What is the downside of having a granite countertop? Like any stone, granite is porous and therefore comes with very tiny holes where liquid or moisture can pass through. This also makes cleaning difficult even with a tough granite countertop cleaner. Thus, surfaces must be thoroughly sealed (applied with sealant) before it can be used so that subsequent cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner will be easy. Sealing the pores stops liquid from penetrating the granite’s interior. This helps avoid the occurrence of unsightly stains and the habitation of deadly bacteria. In addition, sealing surfaces is not a one-time job but must be made periodically or whenever water no longer beads-up.

Are granite countertop cleaners effective in clearing the surface of dirt and grime? Yes, because as an all-purpose cleaner it contains tough cleaning formula that can eliminate the surface of stubborn grease, grime and stains, while deodorizing and not leaving any smeary residue. Actually, this is one home cleaning product that is all natural, which means that it is formulated using extracts from plants and minerals so it leaves no chemical fumes. And being made from renewable substances, it is not only eco-friendly but non allergenic as well.

In the end, the usual application of granite countertop cleaners or any other known all-purpose cleaners found equally effective is enough to maintain the spotless surface. However, if damage is extensive and cannot be resolved, calling a professional restorer is the only remaining option.…

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Internet Riches or Pipe Dream?

Why an Internet Business looks Like the Best Thing Ever

Looking at it from the outside, what could be better? A business that can be run from your favorite location (hint, from your favorite spot while drinking cold refreshment, preferably the alcoholic kind). Think of it, the business can be open 24/7 without the expense of an office or employees or a retail location and without an ogre boss. Heck, it seems like such a sure thing, who even needs an internet business plan?

I know I was immediately sold.

One of the most demoralizing aspects of having a traditional job is the process one goes through every morning. Getting (or rather forcing yourself) to get up before you feel ready. To quickly enter into the morning rush of looking presentable, doing the mandatory tasks (chores) required (kids, pets, etc.) before heading to work and somehow beating the clock into your office or cubicle before the bell rings (ah, memories of high school).

I have found that people in general fall into four categories when describing what they do for a living:

Those that love their job and would do it even if they didn’t get paid. (I have never actually met one that I believed really meant it, but you hear it sometimes).

Those that consider themselves lucky to have a job.

Those that wish they could change some things about their job for the better, but can’t.

Those that don’t like their job (or co-workers, or boss, or tasks they have to do, or amount of pay) much and say; “This isn’t for me, there has to be another way to make a living”.

I turned out to be the fourth another way….pretty please.

Location Independence

OK. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at it from a practical sense.

If we would like to not be trapped every day going to the same office or cubicle or assigned square on the floor, and for that matter, not have to deal with the supervisor-superior-boss-ego-freak we work for, what type of work can we do that doesn’t cost a lot of money to start – and still make a good living?

One answer looked like it had flashing red neon signs and horns blasting away….Start an internet business.

Think of it, If your work was based on the magnificent worldwide web (way cool, it even has the word “worldwide” as part of its name), there is no office, no clocking in before the bell, no retail hours, no weekend and holiday schedules that always pick us as having to be the ones that work them etc. etc. etc.

Come to think of it, no ties, no silly official color monkey suits, no morning company group cheers…

What a magnificent daydream. Wow, does it have to be a daydream? Mmm, what if it is possible? At the very least, it deserves a good look.

Let’s see. What do I sell? A product, a service, heck it doesn’t matter there are a gazillion websites on the worldwide web, and the number is growing every day. A gazillion people can’t all be nuts. They must be able to make a living; otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Yes, the idea sounds good; as a matter of fact IT SOUNDS AWESOME!

Availability of Products

So, ok, if I am going to sell a product I will need inventory. That means money…. mmmm; ok, think fast before the dream slips away. Nah, I bet I can just do the marketing thing and have the product shipped directly from the manufacturer or distributor. Lots of people are doing it, it’s called affiliate marketing, or manufacturer’s representative, or whatever. Who cares? The important part is; I don’t have to spend money to get inventory. I just sell it, they ship it. They deal with returns, complaints, customer service, etc. etc. Wow, this is sounding better all the time.

If I decide to sell a service, mmmmm what am I good at? Heck, I will do consulting on _______ (fill in the blank here with whatever you think makes you a star). Yeah. I will charge enough to make it worth my while and since my customers don’t have to deal with all that regulation red tape stuff like for regular employees I should certainly be in demand. And of course, since I am not a regular employee, they don’t care from where-how-what time I do the work, as long as I deliver the work at the agreed time, right? Heck, I could even do the work in my . Yep, this idea is sounding better all the time.

Welcome to the beginning of the quest.…