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Top 12 Tips For Giving Your Office an IT Feel

By Rusty May2,2022

Top 12 Tips For Giving Your Office an IT Feel

Got a clean IT office? Then you need to follow this guide to remain a card-carrying member of the IT faithful and make it more IT friendly. And don’t worry if you get resistance early on – you’re the sysadmin. You hold all the cards. Eventually, all will fall in line , they really don’t have a choice now, do they?

1. Look for spaces at the side and corners of the office and fill with boxes.

Whether it be monitors, computers, or empty boxes, who cares? Just throw them in!

2. Put all items for repair on the floor and on your desk.

Just keep filling those spaces up…

3. Do not vacuum around. Ever.

It doesn’t matter, you won’t be able to see much of the floor anyway.

4. Put the office phone in the most awkward place.

If you’re not stretching over something, it’s not good enough.

5. Daisy chain as many extension leads as possible.

Don’t ask, just plug.

6. Have at least 20 network cables trailing somewhere…

As long as a couple reach your desk, it’s OK!

7. Nearly fall flat on your face at least once a week.

Tripping on things is all part of the fun.

8. Keep very old items on your noticeboard.

1999? 2000? That staff notice will surely come in handy at some point… And remember, TPS Report references never get old!

9. Find a space for coffee making.

Essential. Even it’s on top of a computer. Just don’t use your CD-Rom slot as a coffee holder!

10. When health and safety do a surprise inspection…

Explain that you are “in the middle of a clean up”

11. Have a few stacks of random unlabeled disks

Is it a ghost disk? A server disk? A driver disk? No one knows, so just burn another one.

12. Randomly seed your office with trade show swag.

Plushies? Pens? A stuffed Tux? A “New Hampshire Live Free or Die” UNIX plate? A fluke Magic 8-Ball network troubleshooter? If they’re free, your non-IT co-workers will take them!

By Rusty

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