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The Dangers of Pet Urine and Why Cleaning Oriental Carpets is a Must

The Dangers of Pet Urine and Why Cleaning Oriental Carpets is a Must

Do you have a beautiful Oriental carpet and pets? We all know that even house trained companions can have an accident from time to time. When the accident occurs on your valuable carpet without knowledge or proper care, it can cause damage. The purpose of having one of these carpets is to add beauty and be a functional part of your home. Most pet owners consider their home to be their pet’s place of comfort as well and do not want to keep them locked up just to prevent an accident. They are a friend and it is relaxing for them to lie on the couch or by your feet at the end of a hard day. Make sure your companion is properly trained and taken out regularly. Even by doing this you may not be able to prevent them from using your carpet for something other than what it was meant for. You might need to hire one of the rug cleaning services in your area that specializes in cleaning oriental carpets.

If the inevitable occurs, there are some things you can do to lessen the damage caused until rug cleaning can be performed. Pet urine can do some serious harm if not taken care of properly. The colors of the rug can run and the odor is so pungent that it can be very difficult to remove and is almost impossible to cover up. As it dries, it can do harm to the carpets structure and leave the foundation hard and inflexible. Pet urine will also attract moths and add other risks to your beautiful carpet. When the spot is not removed appropriately, your pet will be more likely to return to the location and continue to soil the carpet. Over time, the carpet will crack and the fibers will break any time you attempt to fold it, roll it, and even possibly when rotating it or doing other maintenance.

To prevent these types of damage from occurring, it is always best to never leave your pet unattended while around the carpet. If an accident happens, clean it up as best you can promptly. Do not let the spot dry. Blot the spot with dry paper towels or a white towel in attempt to remove as much of the pet urine as possible. You can attempt to rinse the spot with plain water. Do not saturate the carpet and blot up the liquid as you rinse. Allow air to circulate both at the front and back of the rug for better drying.

The above will work for a small accident such as catching your little friend when they begin the act. In instances where spots have been heavily soiled or were allowed to dry, you will need to have your rug cleaning done by professional rug cleaning services. Oriental carpets are fragile and require specific cleaning formulas and drying techniques to prevent conditions such as dry rot. Attempt to clean up any mess with mild water and a white towel. Any time cleaning is necessary, it is always best to leave it to a professional with experience in cleaning oriental carpets.

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