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Simple Tips For a Clean Office

By Rusty Aug5,2022

Simple Tips For a Clean Office

It is clear that regardless of size, our offices and workplaces need to be kept clean. Dirty offices are a prime breeding site for viruses, germs and bacteria which when left to proliferate can make people ill. Sick people take time off from work which, in turn costs businesses money. Working in a clean, fresh environment is as uplifting and healthy for staff members as it is for clients and visitors. Maintaining a healthy workforce makes good business sense and promotes a positive morale.

Items You Will Need:

1) A good quality vacuum cleaner with strong suction and with accessories and extensions

2) Bucket with facility for wringing and good quality mop – metal handles are inclined to rust, so wood is best

3) Assorted dusters and microfiber cloths (to achieve a great finish when used damp on shiny surfaces), bathroom cloth and paper towels

4) Rubbish and waste bin bags (biodegradable if possible in deference to the environment)


General advice as you may have personal favourites:

1) Floor washing liquid, antibacterial and sweet smelling, pine or lemon fresh maybe?

2) Thick bleach and disinfectant – perfect for restroom sanitary ware

3) Glass cleaner for mirrors and windows

4) Antibacterial or antiseptic spray for all door knobs and telephone handsets

5) Furniture polish for general application

General Office Cleaning Rules:

1) Use the vacuum cleaner with extended hose to reach cobwebs and dust on ceilings, in high corners and the tops of doors and architraves. Also good for low corners, behind furniture and on window ledges. A brush accessory can be useful for where there are computer cables tied and gathered together

2) Clean windows with glass cleaner spray and paper towels for a streak free shine

3) Dust window ledges, the tops of cupboards, filing cabinets and bookcases with a dry microfiber cloth

4) Spray furniture polish is excellent for use on office desks, pedestals and office chairs (though not the seat and backrest if fabric!) Buff with a duster for a super shine

5) Wipe computer and accessories with a barely damp or dry microfiber cloth

6) Vacuum floor well, moving chairs and other items where possible. Mop any uncarpeted areas

7) Empty bins spray with an antibacterial product and wipe dry with paper towels, replace liner as necessary

8) Use antibacterial spray on door handles and telephone handsets

Although not used every day, don’t forget areas such as conference rooms, the meeting table and chairs will still become dusty and the floor will benefit from being vacuumed. Likewise, the reception area is an important space to keep clean as it will be your visitors and clients’ first point of contact with your business.

By Rusty

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