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How to Remove Carpet Stains Yourself

By Rusty Jan29,2021

How to Remove Carpet Stains Yourself

When there was just you and your partner living in your home, there were always enough carpet stains to keep you busy on a weekend. But now that you have three children running around, the number of carpet stains has dramatically increased.

Now as well as the red wine stains all over the carpets, you also have ink from when they are doing their homework, chewing gum and tomato ketchup.

Different stains require different carpet cleaning methods with which to remove them. For example, for those wine stains, you would need to blot the excess liquid, apply some white wine, blot this and repeat before rinsing it and drying the carpet quickly.

For chewing gum, one technique is to heat the gum with a hairdryer until it is soft and then use a plastic bag to lift the gum away. It should just stick to the bag.

For a coffee stain, you could use white vinegar after you have heated the stain with a hot wet cloth. Dab the stain with vinegar, rinse it and extract, then repeat until the stain is out.

Of course, there are plenty of carpet stain removal methods out there but if you want thorough and professional carpet cleaning services, then it’s best to hire professional carpet cleaners. These carpet cleaning companies will use professional techniques and specialised products to achieve the best results.

Once they have worked their magic, you can be sure that there will be no carpet stains left; until your children’s friends come to visit again.

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