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How to Easily Remove Sticker Residue From Walls?

By Rusty Aug29,2022

How to Easily Remove Sticker Residue From Walls?

Stickers on walls and almost anywhere are not designed to be permanent, since these must be removed once they wear out. However, taking off stickers is not an easy task because the adhesive used with the sticker leaves unpleasant residue and sometimes cause discoloration and damage to the surface’s finish. Some home remedies are found effective to remove sticker residue, but the process involved is long and cumbersome. Some do the job better by using commercial cleaning products devised and formulated to contain problems concerning sticker residue.

In the absence of a reliable commercial cleaning product, the process to remove sticker residue involves doing the following sequence.

First is to clean the affected area with a clean cloth or a paper towel, whichever is convenient and available for the user’s disposal.

Plug the home flat iron and once heated, aim the built-in generated steam directly into the sticker. If done properly, the combination of heat and moisture will soften or melt the sticker, so that peeling it off is made much easier.

Should that leave a sticker residue, try taking it off with your fingernails or you can rub baby or mineral oil over it and let it stay for 15 minutes. Repeat the process several times if the sticker residue is hard to remove.

Once the sticker residue is off after several attempts, wash the area with a mild mixture of soap and water then wipe it off with a clean cloth or paper towel.

As stated above, the use of conventional home remedies to remove sticker residue is entirely time consuming and even hard, if not labor intensive. Therefore, users seek a much easier approach to deal with this problem.

Those who cannot commit going through the process to remove sticker residue the conventional way often stock up on commercial cleaning products that are designed to remove chewing gum, grease, tar, labels, tape residue, oil, blood, lipstick, mascara, shoe polish, crayon and several others; not just sticker residues. The process is typically easy – just spray it on the sticker area and then presto the sticker can be peeled off without a mess.

Next time you need to peel-off some stickers from walls, remember that commercial cleaning products are more reliable and convenient to use than conventional home remedial measures. Using them saves you time and effort so that you can move on to other more important activities.

By Rusty

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