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Entrepreneurs – Some Low Cost Business Ideas

You want to go into business, but you don’t have much money, or you don’t want to invest too much into a new business. So, what are a few low start up cost businesses that you can start?
Well, first of all there are some areas that will always have needs and small businesses can satisfy these needs. Top of the list are the service industries:
Services Industries: House and office cleaning, lawn mowing, ironing, window cleaning and pool cleaning. The key to success here is to check what is required in your local area. Work out first what you have skills at and want you want to do in the future. Now put some low cost adverts out onto supermarket and shop notice boards, free newspapers etc. Ask around your friends and peers and check what kind of demand there is. These are all locally based businesses so local advertising, which is cheaper, will keep your costs down for you.
Craft Selling: If you have some kind of craft skills, then this is the group for you to look at. This can include making and selling gifts, clothing, printing T shirts, artwork etc. Or you could even set up a business selling other peoples’ crafts! This is a slightly more expensive type of business to set up, because you have to not only buy your craft stock, but you also have to rent or lease some kind of retail outlet. This could range from eBay and etsy to boot sales, markets and kiosks.
Service Industries: If you have a skill and the required certificates and licences then some services such as the care and beauty areas are always in demand, whether you want to be a manicurist or senior carer, this is a low cost business start up. You need to network and make contacts that can refer your business as well as advertise.
Mobile Services: The last section of low cost start up companies, do require you to purchase a vehicle, but otherwise they are relatively easy to set up. This kind of business ranges from mobile caterers, car cleaners/detailers, car tuners, hair dressers, food delivers, dog grooming etc. The key to success here is to establish a good round or group of customers. This can be done, either by just booking a route in the case of mobile caterers or advertising and networking in the case of hair dressers and dog groomers.
Which ever low cost business you decide to start – good luck.

By Rusty

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