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Why Leisure & Licensed Trade Require Professional Cleaners

By Rusty Apr2,2021

Why Leisure & Licensed Trade Require Professional Cleaners

When cleaning pubs, clubs, leisure facilities and hotels, you require a special commitment to the Health and Safety challenges by the cleaners, your staff and the public. It is important to find a cleaning company that embraces that challenge and sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to quality fulfillment.

You need to look for a company whose first point of contact is a visit of the site to understand your needs. They should not provide a quotation until this point to ensure you both know the scope of the work. In this quotation, good cleaning companies provide a fully specified quotation along with a Risk Assessment, a Health and Safety Policy Statement and Insurance documentation. A breakdown of the costs helps you to understand the costs involved so it helps if the cleaning companies’ pricing is fully transparent.

Good cleaning companies will arrange a second meeting – a pre-commencement visits. In this they would usually introduce the key management staff who will be involved in supplying your service. An ongoing communication plan will be agreed and well as discussing any TUPE implications, and making any helpful recommendations and suggestions.

Make sure that your cleaners have stringent proof of ID, nationality, address etc. Most foreign workers must show that they have an acceptable understanding of English to comply and understand their Health and Safety responsibilities.

An external cleaning service needn’t impact on your everyday work – most will clean after hours of business or whenever suits your company. Make sure however, that you have chosen a company that is vetted and security checked. Cleaning companies have the expert knowledge of how to clean your premise – they usually supply their own cleaning products so you don’t have to worry about which products are best.

For employees, a clean working environment firstly encourages pride in the work place. Your employees are likely to be spending most of their waking hours in your premises, so why wouldn’t you want to keep that place as fresh and motivating as possible? If your employees are expected to clean this area, the job will never be done as thoroughly or regularly as if you had hired that helping hand. Most companies will do their best to motivate their employees at a reasonable cost – external cleaning services are just one of those low-cost solutions that will provide such motivation.

By Rusty

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