What Are The Most Common Causes Of Foundation Damage?

By Rusty Sep2,2020

There are several factors that are believed to be huge contributors to foundation damage. When homeowners realize that their foundation has been badly damaged, they seek the services of a professional. Arlington HD foundation Repair Company will do the repairs for homes and business premises to prevent further damage. But most importantly before doing that, they’ll first figure out what is causing the foundation to deteriorate.

Common causes for foundation damage

There are several things that cause damage to the foundation. They include:

  1. Water

Water is one of the foundation’s worst enemies. Usually, when the foundation is being built, dirt has to be dug out and then poured back after the foundation has been placed. The soil that is put back in is generally more porous and so it collects more water when it rains. This water finds its way to

Also, once the soil that has been put back settles creating a depression where water may collect to form a pool. Direct this water away from the house to prevent it from causing damage to the house.

  1. Soil movement and composition

Houses are quite heavy so it’s understandable that the soil beneath it would settle unevenly if it has different densities. Some soil types also expand when wet and shrink when they dry. As a result, the house’s foundation is put under lots of pressure and cracks easily. The foundation piers may then crack requiring that repairs be done.

  1. Temperature and weather changes

Hot and cold temperatures cause expansion and contraction as well as freezing and thawing if it’s too extreme. The effects of these actions are evident on roads and sidewalks. Imagine the effects on the foundation that is already under pressure from the weight of the house.

Foundations aren’t elastic since they’re made of rigid materials. When they are subjected to continuous expansion and contraction, they’re bound to get damaged at some point. The most expected outcome is cracking.

  1. Slab leaks

It’s very easy for slab leaks to go unnoticed and by the time people notice the damage is usually quite expansive. These leaks allow moisture to reach the soil under the house and as a result, it expands. After the water dries, the soil contracts and goes and goes back to the original size. Eventually, the foundation deteriorates and needs to be replaced.

  1. Other causes

Other things that can greatly damage the foundation are vibrations from traffic and growing trees. Houses that are located very close to major highways are prone to damage from vibrations in the ground from moving vehicles. These vibrations travel through the earth and get to the walls of the house. With time they cause weakening of the foundation.

On the other hand, if there are trees growing near the house they pose a risk of damaging the house as they grow bigger. The roots push against the foundation causing it to crack.


The good news is that most of these factors contributing to foundation damage can be controlled. However, if it’s a little too late and the damage has already been done it’s possible to get it fixed. Call the experts and get a quotation to see how much it’ll cost to get the foundation repaired.

By Rusty

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