Safes Are Just For Storing Money? Think Again

By Rusty Mar5,2017

Whenever people think of a safe being inside a business or home, the first thing they think about is thousands of dollar and jewelry. If you never consider the possibility of getting a safe for the very same reason, this article’s for you. Besides the fact that safes can prove be useful when it comes to storing money and jewelry their uses go far beyond that. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why every home and business office should have a safe.

1) Photography

Even though we may have digital cameras now, chances are that you have photos of a loved one who passed away before saving digital photos online started trending. A safe from a security service edison nj can help to protect irreplaceable photos like these and keep them in pristine condition.

2) Firearms

The last thing you would want is for a child to gain access to a weapon you own and to accidentally discharge it on themself or another loved one. The state of Connecticut recently passed a law that mandated every gun owner to lock their weapons away. The new law also stated that if a child were to gain access to said weapon, the owner of the weapon would be held accountable for the actions of the child. In fact, more and more states have adopted similar laws that proclaim that gun owners should be storing their weapons or be held liable if someone gains access to it. As such, a safe can prove to be a cost effective solution to do just that.

3) Car

Your car? Yes, your car. Gone are the days where all cars needed a physical key to be placed in its engine to run. More and more modern day car require a key fob in order for them to function and thieves have caught on to the trend. What’s the most valuable thing a thief can steal from your home? Your key fob because by doing that they will have access to your car! As such, many experts agree that you should leave your keys for your vehicle in a safe if possible.

4) Documents

Personal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, social security cards, marriage certifications, diplomas and educational certificates are easily destroyed but hard to replace. In the event that an unforeseen event occurs – such as a fire – and causes damage to said documents, you’ll have to go through several hurdles and lengthy waiting periods to get them back. A safe will prevent the possibility of this happening.

5) Dangerous Medication

Some experts proclaim that you should put a lock on your cabinet to prevent your children from accessing them. However, the problem with that is for starters, it isn’t practical and would make your guests question your sanity if they saw a padlock on a medicine cabinet. Secondly, your children themselves may be need some cough medicine or another legally available to all ages kind of mediocre. Having a safe will allow you to leave the medicine cabinet open to your children and guests, while giving you the ability to store dangerous prescription medicine separately from a child’s strawberry flavored cough syrup.

By Rusty

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