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Four Vacuum Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know About

For many homes, especially those using carpet, a vacuum cleaner is a must-have aid. As such, many people have learned the process of vacuuming from product manuals, and in fact, anyone can do it. But believe it or not, vacuuming is not just about plugging the appliance and moving it around – it’s an art that needs to be learned to ensure effectiveness. Even with the best vacuum models in the market, you possibly have been vacuuming the wrong way your entire life. The following tips will enable you to clean correctly and ensure your carpet is spotless, thus improve the quality of air in your home.

Keep your messes on the minimum

This is where it all begins. The bigger the mess, the harder the task, and vice versa. When you avoid creating additional messes, you will make vacuuming less stressful and less frequent. The most obvious solution is to impose a no-shoe policy whereby everyone entering the house takes off their shoes at the doorstep. If this is too much to ask for, put mats at entry points for people to dust off shoes while entering the house.

Keep a cleaning schedule

Don’t wait until your carpet looks visibly dirty for it to get cleaned. By the time the carpet starts to look soiled and dirty, they have probably caked so much dirt and dust that all they need is a deep cleaning by any vacuum cleaning joliet il professional. Avoid this extra cost and hassle by establishing a regular vacuuming routine. For the most part of the home, weekly vacuuming is sufficient. However, if you have a heavy-shedding pet, clean the carpet every other day if not daily. Better yet, you can buy pet-hair equipment for spot cleaning. High-traffic areas may require frequent cleaning to avoid caking of dust and dirt.

Don’t be in a rush

Schedule you are vacuuming on days when you have sufficient time to do it. Running the machine once over the carpet will likely leave deeply embedded and tiny particles. For excellent results, run the appliance backward and forward across the floor as you work. The vibrations loosen deeply seated matter and allow small, light particles such as hair to be sucked up. It also ensures that dirt that hasn’t been picked in the first pass is picked up in the second pass.

Keep the vacuum clean and well maintained

It’s often easy to forget that the vacuum also needs to be cleaned for optimal performance. The vacuum works best when there is adequate airflow inside the appliance, and a filled canister or vacuum bag tends to down the performance of the machine. Empty the canister and change the bag on a regular basis and learn how to clean all the parts of the vacuum. In addition, inspect the machine periodically and replace the parts that are damaged. Also, handle the vacuum with care and store it appropriately.

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