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Not All Laminate Floor Cleaners Are Equal

By Rusty Jun12,2022

Not All Laminate Floor Cleaners Are Equal

Unfortunately, when it comes to brand awareness, the most popular products are not always the best. Laminate floor cleaners are a perfect example of this. Since the recent explosion of laminate floor sales, corporations have been trying to capitalize on the trend by aggressively marketing their products as the solution. However, it is cheaper to take an existing product and alter the sales pitch, then it is to build a new product from scratch. Why pay for the research and development of a new product, when for a fraction of the cost you can change the public perception of the existing product. For example, a wood cleaning product that is established, is easy to re-brand as a laminate cleaning product. The trust and name recognition is already there, so sadly, altering a little thing like what the product was designed to clean is child’s play. Never mind what type of job it does, so long as the world thinks it does the job.

Common sense would dictate that just because something is good for one thing does not make it good for everything, so the corporations have to play this game within reason. You won’t see them re-brand a wood cleaning product as the ultimate carpet if they don’ push the envelope and stay within a certain range then the consumers are none the wiser. Laminate floors and wood floors are two completely different beasts. For the sake of time I won’t go into the difference, but a simple internet search will satisfy that notion. However, we are led to believe that these floor types are completely interchangeable when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

It doesn’t matter that when you use these cleaners they will most likely leave streaks, residue and sometimes a waxy build-up. Again, brand awareness is a powerful thing, and unfortunately, left unchecked leads to only one real winner. I can tell you that it is not the consumer. Do yourself a favor and make sure that the product you use to clean and shine your laminate is the right one.

By Rusty

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