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Know Your Janitorial Supplies: 7 Things to Know About EcoFriendly Products With EcoLogo Trademark

By Rusty Jul22,2022

Know Your Janitorial Supplies: 7 Things to Know About EcoFriendly Products With EcoLogo Trademark

With so much information swirling about, it is hard to know what is what was referred to by Steve Jobs of Apple Computer as “Reality Distortion” and what is actual. This is especially true in the world of janitorial supplies and cleaning products. Are they green? Can they support your sustainable oriented goals? Can the claim of green clean be made?

Despite the amount of greenwashing in the market place and the number of green logos and trademarks on product labels, fortunately there are several reputable independent third-party certification programs to help you, the consumer, to digest all of this information, including Design for the Environment (DfE), Green Seal, European Eco, and EcoLogo.

EcoLogo is one of the few eco label programs that is approved by the Global Eco-Labeling Network (GEN) and one of only two in North America. They are a founding member of this network, an international association of entities with eco labels that meet the ISO 14024 standards. As of 2010, the Program became a part of the UL Global Network. This promises that the Certified EcoLogo trademark will grow globally and will become even more recognized and sought after. With this credential you can be confident that you are using products that have been developed and manufactured under certified sustainable leadership from which you can benefit.

The Program began in 1988 for Environment Canada (the US EPA equivalent in Canada), thus it is the oldest eco-label in North America. It was established to help identify products which are less harmful to the environment, including green janitorial chemicals. This certification and recognized trademark provides consumers and end users with the necessary assurance that the products and services bearing the EcoLogo trademark are truly green and demonstrates environmental sustainability.

7 Things to Know about EcoLogo Certified Products:

Each product that receives the certification goes through the same multi-step certification process: (1) application by the manufacturer, (2) completion of a third-party review and audit against a set of predefined criteria; and (3) the certification and licensing process.

This is an ISO 14024 Type 1 eco-label, thus it meets internationally recognized specifications.

The environmental standards are stringent, multi-attribute, and life cycle based.

The public and transparent process includes relevant performance requirements that ensures the products work as well as, if not better, than traditional products.

With the certification you benefit from the EcoLogo Advantage of higher public trust and proof of environmental leadership.

Products with this certification can be found in over 120 product categories, providing you a wide choice of selecting the best products, including industrial and institutional cleaners; household cleaners; de-greasers; disinfectants; flooring products; and laundry detergent.

Products available from companies of all sizes (ranging from Fortune 500 companies with well-known brands to leading edge small businesses) carry the trademark.

More information about the EcoLogo Program is at

For you (the public purchaser, corporate buyer, or consumer who is seeking green cleaning products and janitorial supplies or green natural home cleaning solutions) it is great to know that these certified products are sold across North America and can be found easily. Look for the EcoLogo trademarked label for great confidence in using the most environmentally preferable products.

By Rusty

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