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House Cleaning – The Most Efficient Way to Clean Your House!

By Rusty May16,2022

House Cleaning – The Most Efficient Way to Clean Your House!

Cleaning the whole house is a huge task, especially when we don’t do this very often. This list will ensure you do not neglect any nook or cranny during your home clean process.

First of all, you must know that most of the dirt comes from the outside. So you should start the house cleaning by cleaning the outside first:

There might be some gravel, sand or other little things under the doors: clean it with a long and thin brush which should go between the door and the floor;

Sweep the outdoor areas;

Clean your door mat by hitting it against a corner of the house, a wall, or a pole. By going that, the dust will go away easily.

OK, so far you have done a big part, however, now you have to clean the inside of your home. You can also contact a professional house cleaning company: they will do the job fast and efficiently. But if you don’t want to, here are our tips to do the job by yourself efficiently:

Develop a cleaning plan of attack if you think you have a lot of things to clean. For example: do in the first stage the bedrooms upstairs, then the bathrooms, then the toilets, etc;

Tidy the mess in the bedrooms;

Take the opportunity by cleaning the bed linen and the pillowcases;

Listen to music as the house cleaning will be more fun and the time will pass quicker;

Once you have started to clean an area, finish it;

Wear comfortable clothes: do not wear a long top or pants that you will need to keep pulling up;

Select all the products you will use to clean the different areas of the house;

Open your windows during and after the cleaning: it will keep your air fresh and will minimize the smell of the cleaning chemical products;

Begin by doing vacuum cleaning;

Take care of the area and use the appropriate products: do not use a tiled floor cleaning solution for a wooden floor;

Clean the window panes with a special solution, a scraper and a duster;

Use an anti-calcareous solution for the bath and all the taps in your house.

Do the house cleaning regularly as you will have fewer things to do next time. Good luck with the cleaning of your home, hopefully by the end it looks fresh and clean just like a brand new home!

By Rusty

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