Convert to Natural Cleaning Products Today – A Brief Overview of Active Colloid Cleaners

By Rusty Oct24,2022

Convert to Natural Cleaning Products Today – A Brief Overview of Active Colloid Cleaners

These days there are more and more green cleaning products available to the general consumer. Many wonder about the effectiveness of these new, safer, natural products. The cleaning product industry has ingrained into our minds that we need harsh, toxic cleaners with chemicals if we really want to get our homes and offices clean. We have been conditioned to believe that there is no way something derived from nature could compare to a man made substance. We need to remember though that these companies are out to make a profit. It is easier for them to pay a team of chemists to engineer something that cleans well without thinking of the chronic toxicity of the cleaners they are producing. Luckily there are several manufacturers of all natural cleaning products these days, giving the consumer, and cleaning business owner more of a choice in the matter.

One newer green cleaning technology around these days is called active colloid cleaning technology. The “active colloids” are very small particles of matter that become agitated when introduced to water. When applied to a soil or stain, the colloids become super active and start bouncing around similar to the atoms in an atomic reaction. These tiny particles start mixing with the soil or stain and actually break it up at the molecular level. The soil is lifted from the surface into a colloidal suspension and can be wiped away with more ease than any other green cleaning product available today.

Why use toxic chemical cleaners that damage our earth and the people exposed to them when there is a safe alternative that gets the job done just as effectively if not more effective in some circumstances?

I think we will see this green cleaning product trend take hold more and more, and eventually we may even see a disappearance of the large majority of toxic cleaning products. Time will tell, but you can be on the front side of the curve and use non toxic cleaning supplies today to protect your family, pets, and of course our environment.

By Rusty

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