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Commercial Cleaning – Not for the Amateur

By Rusty Apr13,2022

Commercial Cleaning – Not for the Amateur

Many companies today are avoiding the use of cleaning agencies and are employing their own in-house cleaning personnel due to many reasons, which may include the global economic downturn, the security risks of having non-staff in office – especially if they have expensive equipment – and many others. It may be a great deal in cutting down your costs of running your business, but the truth remains that you still need to hire a professional. Below are some reasons why Commercial cleaning services are not for the amateur.

1. Cleaning equipment. Cleaning offices and buildings needs a wide range of cleaning equipment and products. This is because the tasks are usually range from cleaning the carpets to office equipment like computers, to walls and windows and to toilets. An amateur who is not trained will either not have or know about all the cleaning products that may be needed for each particular task, thus will compromise on the quality of work done.

2. Professional training. Commercial cleaning services have professionally trained staff who will provide you value for your money. For example, cleaning of office windows – especially those of high stories – cannot just be done by anyone. You need a person who has the right equipment and cleaning products which an amateur is most likely not to have and, as the windows are large and high, you need someone who knows how to safely do the job. This is why you need a professional.

3. Security. Well, you may say that you need someone who is in-house so that you can monitor him or her properly, but what will happen if they steal sensitive or valuable equipment from the premises? A professional cleaning service will always have insurance for incidences like theft and accidents, so you can rest assured. Most of them have name tags with ID numbers and photos for easy identification. You, as the client, are also given an emergency contact just in case there is any problem.

Having in-house cleaning personnel may be a great idea, as including the person in the payroll looks cheaper, but this is only for the short term, because you indirectly have other expenses like food allowances, insurance, leave and social fund contributions which will all come in eventually. On top of that, you may need to purchase the equipment your in-house cleaner will have to use, so looking at all these reasons; going for a professional cleaning service remains the best option.

By Rusty

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