Choose A Good Cleaning Product For A Hygienic House

By Rusty Jan3,2021

Choose A Good Cleaning Product For A Hygienic House

The unfortunate thing about having tenants in your house or flat, is that they usually do not care about your home as much as you would like them to! We’ve had that precise situation with our tenants who moved out a few days ago and we are now left with a grubby, disgusting, grimy house! Understandably we are less than happy with the whole situation, so we will be heading off to the stores to get a suitable cleaning product (we might need a trolley full!) and begin with mission-spring-cleaning over the weekend.

It is important to understand that not all cleaning goods are good quality! If you purchase a substandard cleaning product you will be irritating yourself profoundly, as such items will be unable to take care of the task in question.

The first cleaning product on my checklist is always a good tile cleaner. If a house’s floors are thoroughly clean, I instantly feel at home! In a home with a couple of young children and a dog or two, it is extremely vital that you make sure that you use a proper tile cleaner to remove that stubborn soil and filth. Kids are very naive, if something falls to the ground they will not hesitate to pick it up and continue eating. I sometimes walk around the house wearing socks only (I’m not a shoes or boots fan!) and I get completely aggravated if my socks end up brown after a couple of minutes. You should deep clean the floors occasionally, as to prevent dust and grime from just being mopped or wiped from one part to the next.

Secondly, an “all in one household cleaner” is a must have! This versatile cleaning product type can be used in every area of the home and can normally clean everything from furniture and other working areas to baths, mirrors and basins. Some people prefer to use a bathroom cleaner for their bathrooms, but I find that an all-in-one cleaner is just as efficient, so I guess it’s just personal preference.

When it comes to washing your pots and pans, this is one sector that you must not try to save cash by buying any cheap dish-washing fluid. Have you ever invited family or friends for supper and ended up embarrassed by your dull glasses and dirty plates? This is simply not tolerable! Use a dish-washing liquid strong enough to get rid of even those challenging stains! It is also advised that you use hot to very hot water to clean your dishes. This will not just help with getting rid of nasty oil and other foodstuff, but it also illuminates germs along the way. Many homes are spoilt with automatic dish washers nowadays – the same rule applies here: Make sure that you use proper dishwashing soaps and salts or your dishes will end up dull and streaky.

It is really not a difficult task to keep a home clean and neat. With a number of good cleaning products, a duster and a broom, your home can be clean and fresh day after day!

By Rusty

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