Finance Management in Companies

By Rusty Nov30,2021

Finance Management in Companies


It is a fact that money is the backbone of our society; it may not give us any abstract pleasure, however, it is definitely needed for fulfilling most of the necessities of our lives. Thus, managing money is also important in all aspects of the society and so finance management is a very important attribute of any business organization.

The financial management team of a business deals with the analysis, or systematic review of its commercial activities and its financing, in order to determine its ability to create value for its shareholders or to repay all kinds of debt to its creditors. The financial analysis focuses on several key issues for the prosperity of the company. Thus, all major corporations have a finance management team to take care of all their monetary needs and transactions.

What does the Finance Management team deal with?

The various aspects of a business that it deals with includes the economic environment of the company, its growth prospects, the degree of competition observed and expected, the different stakeholders and their power relationship (suppliers, distributors, employees) and finally the production tools.

If the monetary aspects of a company are not taken care off then it will not be able to function in a way which will be conducive to the overall growth of the company. The salaries of the employees, the purchase of resources, paying the support staff, paying utility bills, managing cost of production, sanctioning funds for new projects, sending invoices or bills to the clients, following up on the payments etc. are all different functions that this department efficiently handles.

Other key functions:

This department also analyzes investments to determine their status; if the investments are not able to generate the estimated amount of profit, then finance managers are expected to come up with solutions that will turn these investments in to profit generating tools. They are also required to analyze the market and point out new avenues of investments that can yield higher returns. Their main goal is to ensure the flow of cash in a way, that the balance sheet of the company can show profit and create goodwill among the shareholders.

The other important function is to manage a balance between the assets and the liabilities of the company. It is an alarming sign if the liabilities are more than the assets and so the finance management team should take preventive steps from time to time so that the liabilities can be paid off and reduced.

By Rusty

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