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Leather Interior Cleaning & Conditioning

By Rusty Nov13,2021

Leather Interior Cleaning & Conditioning

If your car has a leather interior it is important to keep it clean and hydrated/conditioned in order to preserve the structure and life of it. As leather is fundamentally an animal rawhide, if it is not looked after and maintained properly it can very quickly become ingrained with dirt, discoloured and worn. If you have a car with a leather interior that is ingrained with dirt and worn it suggests that the rest of the car may not have been looked after and maintained properly.

It is important that once your leather has been cleaned, that it is hydrated/conditioned in order to prevent it from drying out. If leather does become dried out it will begin to wear much quicker and may begin to crack, especially if exposed to direct sunlight, like in a convertible for example. Keeping your leather hydrated and conditioned also helps to retain the natural scent of the leather which inevitably disappears over time but can be prolonged with regular cleaning and maintenance.

The age and general condition of your leather will determine how often it should be cleaned. Ideally it should be initially thoroughly cleaned and conditioned so that it is in as best condition as possible and then simply regularly maintained to keep it in that clean condition.

Once your leather has had an initial thorough clean which should be undertaken about every 6 -12 months it can be vacuumed and maintained weekly or monthly depending on the usage of the vehicle and owners requirements.

Before cleaning your leather it should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove any loose dirt & particles, a soft brush attachment or a crevice tool attachment used in conjunction with a soft detailing brush will enable you to reach into all areas and prevent any damage being inflicted.

A designated leather cleaning product should be used to clean the surface of the leather and applied with a micro fibre applicator pad. A stiff bristled detailing or nail bush can be used to help lift dirt from the grain of the leather but be careful not to overwork the area as this could lead to unnecessary wear/damage being inflicted.

A designated hydrating/conditioning product should then be used to keep your leather in a supple condition and again, applied via a micro fibre applicator pad. Once products have been applied and worked in or left to be absorbed, the leather should be buffed over with a clean dry micro fibre towel. Leather should be maintained with a damp micro fibre towel and a light designated cleaning product if necessary after vacuuming.

By Rusty

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