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Cleaner Offices Means Happier Employees

By Rusty Nov21,2021

Cleaner Offices Means Happier Employees

As we come out of recession the main task facing business is to restructure and gear up for future expansion. Often starting from a slimmed down workforce those who are left could be vital in helping a business to get on the right track. In recognition of this, the Human Resources world is awash with the importance of making the most of your good employees. In fact, a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) said that employee engagement is the top challenge facing companies over the next three to five years.

One of the easiest ways to make employees feel valued is to make sure that their surroundings are clean and pleasant. Dirty and grimy conditions not only look bad they have a subliminal effect on people’s attitudes. Present an employee with a clean fresh office and they are far more likely to produce good work than in a dirty one.

Your best ally in helping to keep offices clean and therefore employees happy is a good cleaning company. They will be able to agree a rota with you that will keep your office looking good and smelling fresh. Good cleaning companies understand not only the importance of cleanliness but also the importance of being an invisible presence in the office. They know that just as having a greasy desk is a barrier to work, so is the constant hum of a vacuum cleaner.

Taking a little time in drawing up a cleaning rota will minimise both cost and disruption. For example, toilets and kitchen areas should ideally be cleaned daily. Overflowing bins and crumbs on the floor are the first to be noticed so add in a quick vacuum and emptying the bins to the daily task list. Desks and shelves can get away with being polished on a weekly basis. Alerting employees to this weekly task encourages them to have a clean desk policy at least once a week. If at all possible make this a Friday so that Monday morning starts with a clean and clear desk, a great encouragement to get on with tasks.

Even though floors are being vacuumed daily, sooner or later ground in dirt will start to make its presence known with a musty odour and a slightly greasy carpet feel. It is therefore worth adding a monthly deep carpet clean to the rota.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of keeping office equipment clean. Surveys have revealed that some office equipment can carry more germs than a toilet. A monthly or weekly sanitising clean of telephones, keyboards et cetera will keep the germs down and help to lessen the spread of illness.

Whilst providing a clean environment is not a one stop solution to employee engagement, it will go some way towards helping employees to feel cared for. A clean office is much more likely to be a happy office and that is a great first step.

By Rusty

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