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How To Unclutter Your Office

By Rusty Feb17,2022

How To Unclutter Your Office

Clutter and mess are the two best ingredients for an unproductive workspace. Working in disorganized offices can waste valuable resources such as money and time, and generally creates an unpleasant atmosphere to be creative or productive in.

Try implementing all or a few of these easy ideas to unclutter your workspace and make your working environment more comfortable and efficient.

1. Create an inbox for new files/documents/mail

Purchasing a plastic in-tray where new paperwork can be stored until you have time to get to it, is a good way to ensure nothing gets lost and to remind yourself that they need attention at some point throughout the day.

2. , this is not an option

Filing systems work and when you have piles and piles of paper it seems like the most onerous task in the world, but the upside is that once you have a filing system in place, that job should never have to be repeated again. My personal favorites are the upright filing holders where manila folders are stored. Use this system for your day-to-day files that you need easy access to. Hanging folders for everything else are easy to establish and labeled for identification. If you do not have a filing cabinet the same hanging folders can be used with archive storage boxes. This is a great option for home storage/filing.

3. Color-coded files

Use color-coded files per project/task. This will allow for easy identification of files and save you time.

4. Invest in a label-maker

Any filing method will benefit from clearly labeled folders and the use of a label maker creates clear and easy to read names for easy filing as well as retrieval of files.

5. Shred unnecessary files

With so much work completed on computers today, the amount of paper waste created is huge. Make time at the end or start of every week to shred and recycle any unnecessary print-outs. This will also help to minimize your “to-file” pile. Even better, try not to print files unless absolutely essential. We can all help save our environment.

6. Display only what you need

An office area in a corporation should be kept free of personal belongings such as photos and art-work. Your desk should only display the things you need to do your job, everything else can be a distraction. Overloading your workspace with trinkets and photo frames will limit the amount of clean surfaces you have as well as clutter your area once again. If you have a home based office you may have more room to display personal items, use your best judgment.

Implementing these easy steps will definitely help unclutter your workspace and improve your efficiency. At the same time it will make a mature and organized impression on your boss and peers.

By Rusty

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