The Need and Importance of Professional Hull Cleaning

By Rusty Aug2,2021

The Need and Importance of Professional Hull Cleaning

How often have you tried to maneuver a dinghy around your vessel or boat in an attempt to clean its hull? While you might have made several attempts to clean your boat, you would have realized that it’s a rather time-consuming task. Worse still, there’s no guarantee that you have managed to clean the entire hull properly.

This is precisely where professional hull cleaning comes into play. By hiring the services of a certified underwater cleaning services firm, you can breathe easy because they will take care of even the most complex aspects. These firms have on board an entire team of trained divers that also check your boat as they clean it. They check for signs of corrosion or for signs of paint chipping off (a precursor to corrosion).

If you live in the Marina Del Rey area and you own a boat, you have most likely faced problems like algae and tube worm growth on the hull of your boat. These growths, if left unattended, can cannonball into a much larger problem. Hence, it is important to clean your boat over shorter cycles during the summer months. As a thick layer of algae builds up, you will need to scrub harder and use stronger chemicals which could adversely affect the flora and fauna in the vicinity. If this growth occurs on the propeller, it could become potentially inefficient thus affecting the performance of your vessel. Boat cleaning services address all these problems.

A professional firm will employ a team of divers to clean even those parts of the boat that you cannot reach. The thicker the layers of algae, the harder they will have to scrub. This could lead to the paint on your boat coming off. To avoid all of these complications, it is a prudent decision to clean your boat every two to three weeks during the summer months, which is considered to be a period of high growth. This gives the divers and hull cleaning professionals enough time to spot any new growths and remove them on time.

In addition, the type of scrubbing pads and solutions that are used for cleaning depend on the kind of paint that has been used on your hull. There is a difference between the cleaning approach to hard anti fouling paint and soft anti fouling paint.

Enlisting boat cleaning services regularly also plays an important part in increasing the overall fuel efficiency of your vessel. Studies have proven that timely cleaning of the hull could help you save up to 40% of your fuel costs.

To sum it up, regular boat cleaning proves to be effective only if it is carried out by professionally trained divers. In short, hull cleaning is a process that pays for itself in the long run.

By Rusty

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