Shopping in A Small Town

While walking through a small-town shopping district what types of stores do you like to frequent? What are the most popular that seems to exist in every small town “main” street across America? Let’s go over a few of these common but uniquely different family owned businesses that you might happen upon.

You might be up for a road trip or find yourself on a girls’ get-away weekend with some friends. The one thing you want to do is find the local main street and take in the family owned business and restaurants. These are not chain style places or big box stores that you can find anywhere. These are unique and eclectic shops that offer one of a kind merchandise.

Clothing Stores

These fun and whimsical clothing stores carry designs you won’t find at your local mall. They have one of a kind pieces that will be fun to incorporate into your wardrobe. Don’t be misguided and think these kinds of shops are only for women. There are men’s’ specialty shops as well as children’s’ shops that feature classic and trendy designs.

Home Décor Shops

Yes, these shops are a highlight to any small-town shopping trip. They may feature local artisan created décor or fun signs and candles as well as Knick knacks that you can place throughout your home to give it a bit of pizzazz. These shops usually have eye catching window displays and awesome sales on items you’ll most likely never find again.

Pet Boutiques and Barkeries

These fun shops feature all kinds of items you might need for your pet. The barkery aspect is a rising trend that features tasty treats for your favorite dog or cat. These treats are animal friendly and come in the form of cookies or meat snacks. You can also find a wide variety of harnesses and leashes or even a Fire hose dog collar or other uniquely designed collar. These stores cater to the furry friends that deserve a bit of fun in their lives as well. A lot of these boutiques will also feature sales where a portion of the item price will go back to a local animal rescue. This makes shopping at these stores even more appealing. Who doesn’t love helping out some animals in need while spoiling their own pet in the process?

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Book Stores

It is quite possibly impossible to visit a small town downtown main street without happening across a local family owned bookstore. These shops smell like books and are warm and inviting. Everyone seems to enjoy hanging out and they offer a bit more than just books. A lot of times these double as toy stores and will offer a few toys displays to keep the children happy while the adult’s shop for their latest release.

When you visit these small towns it is important to keep in mind that you are supporting local family owned businesses. These businesses strive to keep their customers happy and returning. They supply jobs to the local community and offer unique items that you will definitely cherish for a long time.