However, even after the situation has been explained, the

In The Wheel of Time, some adherents of the Prophet assaults some riders, believing that the men were pursuing the women riding in front of them with hostile intent, when they were in fact friends and members of the same group, and were just riding behind them. However, even after the situation has been explained, the adherents do not apologize for attacking or even acknowledge that they were mistaken, claiming that they are still obliged to kill the male riders for threatening a woman.

Hermes Handbags Dead Sidekick: Rofellos, who was Gerrard’s sidekick before dying several years before the events of the main story. Tragic but perhaps for the best, seeing as his card was a notorious Game Breaker in its day. Death from Above: At one point Mirri leaps from the Weatherlight to kill a Rathi sentry, a scene which is depicted on the Stronghold card Leap. Destructive Romance: Crovax’s obsession with Selenia winds up getting her killed and turning him into a vampire. Dream Sequence: There’s two, a brief one between chapters where Gerrard sees visions of his past in Volrath’s Dream Halls, and a longer one in Mirri’s Tale where she goes on a Vision Quest. Hermes Handbags

Replica Hermes Belt Noodle Incident: Emma has a story about this in Chapter 5 involving camping and having her hair catch fire. Not What It Looks Like: In Book 2 Chapter 2, Jordan hears Koh on the phone telling someone about something with 325 milligrams. It’s actually the medication dosage for her grandmother who’s in the hospital for a stroke. Prom Is for Straight Kids: Averted for Homecoming. If Female!Jordan takes Emma or Maria, or Male!Jordan goes with Caleb, Michael or Aiden, people even comment how cute they look together. Replica Hermes Belt

Replica Hermes Nanami is silent for a moment and then tickles Tsubomi to show she’s not offended. From Bad to Worse: Even Heartcatch Mirage isn’t enough to stop Dune. He turns into an enormous giant man in outer space and then starts pummeling the Earth with his bare hands. Funny Background Event: Not really “background”, as there was nobody in the foreground when it happened, but at one point during the first episode, a background student was shown arriving at school after getting late. Replica Hermes

Hermes Replica Handbags I Have This Friend.: Gillian uses this one when asking Reynolds why her boyfriend would have a passport in another name and charter a boat out of Baltimore for five hours every week. Turns out he has a very good reason he’s undercover DEA. Informed Attribute: Eli Loker is said to be a practitioner of “radical honesty”, but apart from an occasional tactless line we don’t ever see it, though supposedly it should be quite radical. In fact, a major story arc has him lying extensively and dragging Torres into his lies. Hermes Replica Handbags

Replica Hermes Bags It’s subtle, but this a major theme in Final Fantasy X and its sequel, Final Fantasy X 2. In the first game, Tidus (the protagonist) is a selfish, wangsty teen Hermes Replica who is more concerned with returning home than the imminent destruction of Spira. It isn’t until he learns that his Love Interest (Yuna) will have to sacrifice herself to defeat Sin that he starts to undergo Character Development and refuses to let Yuna sacrifice herself to save the world. There’s a conversation roughly a third of the way through the game which highlights their different philosophies, in which Tidus questions whether sacrificing your life, even when the Big Bad is sure to come back is worth it and Yuna disagrees and says she feels any sacrifice is worth bringing just a little happiness to the world. In the end, Tidus has to make a Heroic Sacrifice himself in order to destroy Sin and break the Vicious Cycle, devastating Yuna, who had been prepared to sacrifice herself, but not her loved ones. Then, in the sequel, Yuna is a Heartbroken Badass Action Girl whose perspectives on sacrifice have completely changed. When another character offers to sacrifice himself in order to defeat the new Big Bad, Yuna shoots his plan down immediately, stating how much she’s grown to hate having to “lose in order to win”. To make this juxtaposition even more poignant, Yuna’s outfit throughout the second game is a direct homage to her dead love Replica Hermes Bags.

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