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Solve Seasonal Storage Shortages With Swing Door Trailers

By Rusty Dec3,2020

Your business is fairly steady all year, but there are certain times when production goes up and with it, your storage needs. Maybe you occasionally need to load product at a facility without a loading dock, or you need to store materials at a central location for multiple local job sites. A swing door trailer could solve your seasonal storage shortage.

What Is a Swing Door Trailer?

A swing door trailer has doors that swing outward rather than roll up. This style is especially convenient if you are going to one or multiple jobs or pick-up locations where a loading dock is either difficult to access or nonexistent. You can easily and safely open a swing door without anyone needing to do a balancing act on the edge of the trailer while trying to roll a heavy door up high.

Why A Swing Door Trailer?

In addition to ease of use at diverse locations, swing door trailers come in different sizes that allow you to store your products easily. The largest sizes could take the place of multiple permanent storage units and can be relocated as needed.

Rent or Own?

You know your business best. If you are in your first busy season and think that you’re only going to keep growing, you may wish to invest in a trailer of your own to regularly store and move products. However, if you’ve been in business for longer, and you have a good idea as to the ebb and flow of your busy season, a short-term solution may be better. You can rent swing door trailers Pacific WA for a couple of weeks or months while you’re busy, and then go back to your own storage plans during your regular season.

Whether you need it for moving product or storing it, a swing door trailer might be the solution to your seasonal storage shortage.

By Rusty

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