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How to Clean a Leather Sofa – 5 Easy Tips to Get Great Results

How to Clean a Leather Sofa – 5 Easy Tips to Get Great Results

If leather upholstery is properly maintained it can last at least four or five times longer than fabric upholstery or man made fibres. Leather suites just like various upholstery fabrics suffers as a result of dirt, oils, stains or soils penetrating your leather. These soils may be body oils, perspiration, skin acids and will one way or another affect the longevity and performance of your leather suite or leather armchair.

Professional cleaning is always preferable but not always necessary if you know what you are doing. There is a lot of differing advice out there but these 5 tips are tested by time and proven to be reliable.

So here they are:

5 Easy Tips to Clean Leather Sofa’s

Clean regularly. Do not allow months of soiling and stains to build up. The longer you leave it the more difficult it will be to remove the soiling. With regular cleaning the task is more easily achieved, without the need for expensive materials or paying for a professional to do it. You do not want to leave it so long that the cleaning becomes an aggressive process with the need for elbow grease and excessive pressure being applied. You simply want to glide over the leather with minimal effort and pressure.

Vacuum regularly. Dust build up and small spillages of food particles are an every day occurrence and unavoidable. If these are allowed to build up they will start to cause microscopic scratches in the leather which over time will dull the leather and cause the lustre to deteriorate.

Use a mild detergent or wipe. Used sparingly, lightly and regularly this solution works well. There is however an important proviso, you must replace the natural oils removed by the cleaning process. It is worth remembering that leather is a skin and naturally contains oils and pigments that help maintain its suppleness and moisture content. If you forget this important step you run the risk of drying out the leather, causing premature cracking and ageing.

Buy a quality cleaning product. Spend a bit of money and get the right product for the job, there are plenty of providers out there so sourcing one will not be difficult. Buy a quality branded product, you will only need to spend about A�20-A�30, this is a small price to pay for maintaining your leather suite that has cost you thousands and no doubt you will want it to last a lifetime.

Always test clean first. Never ever, ever put any cleaning product on to your leather without first carrying out a small test clean on an inconspicuous area such as down the side of the cushions. Most modern leather upholstery is colour fast, but there are plenty of cheap leather suites that are not and even the mildest cleaning solution could take the colour out. How would you feel if the middle of the central cushion ended up looking lighter than the rest of the suite?

And finally, remember that if you are in any doubt call a professional leather upholstery cleaner. If they are worth their salt they will be happy to advise and may offer a free assessment and test clean. This will help identify any issues before you start.

Good luck…

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