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How Do Granite Countertop Cleaners Work?

How Do Granite Countertop Cleaners Work?

Granite as natural stone is porous and when used as the material for countertops, it will absorb spilled liquid – the precursor to dirt, grime and stains. An all-purpose cleaner can help free the countertop of surface dirt or grime but when it comes to absorbed stain, not even the best granite countertop cleaner can relieve the surface of unsightly marks. Unless a hard and durable clear sealant had been previously applied over the granite surface to seal or plug the pores, then any home cleaning product can be effectively used.

Why do homes prefer countertops made from granite? Simply because granite is super tough and when used as countertops, it can last indefinitely. Formed from volcanic magma, the granite is therefore a by product of a natural process that dictates its color, hardness, durability, heat-resistance, and the aesthetic appeal that it dishes-off as a countertop material. Granite countertops are great additions to any living space, but require proper maintenance, particularly periodic application of a granite countertop cleaner, which is a home cleaning product.

What is the downside of having a granite countertop? Like any stone, granite is porous and therefore comes with very tiny holes where liquid or moisture can pass through. This also makes cleaning difficult even with a tough granite countertop cleaner. Thus, surfaces must be thoroughly sealed (applied with sealant) before it can be used so that subsequent cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner will be easy. Sealing the pores stops liquid from penetrating the granite’s interior. This helps avoid the occurrence of unsightly stains and the habitation of deadly bacteria. In addition, sealing surfaces is not a one-time job but must be made periodically or whenever water no longer beads-up.

Are granite countertop cleaners effective in clearing the surface of dirt and grime? Yes, because as an all-purpose cleaner it contains tough cleaning formula that can eliminate the surface of stubborn grease, grime and stains, while deodorizing and not leaving any smeary residue. Actually, this is one home cleaning product that is all natural, which means that it is formulated using extracts from plants and minerals so it leaves no chemical fumes. And being made from renewable substances, it is not only eco-friendly but non allergenic as well.

In the end, the usual application of granite countertop cleaners or any other known all-purpose cleaners found equally effective is enough to maintain the spotless surface. However, if damage is extensive and cannot be resolved, calling a professional restorer is the only remaining option.

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