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Tips for Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Company

By Rusty Sep21,2017

With millions of long distance movers out there, it’s a minor miracle that all are trustworthy. Of course, everyone wants to work with an experienced and reputable mover to ensure the safety of their belongings. Even with so many reliable long distance movers piscataway nj, shoddy or scams moves still occur. As such, it’s crucial to learn about every step in the moving process to avoid being scammed.

Never Pay a Large Deposit

Reputable long-distance moving companies rarely demand large deposit or cash from their clients. Clients should only pay for the service upon delivery. You may have no control over when the mover will deliver your belongings if you pay in advance. Clients can further protect themselves from possible fraudulent activities by paying with their credit card.


An experienced mover will first assess and take inventory of your household to determine the cost of your move. Professional estimators are always thorough and will check all your storage units including garages, cupboards, bookcases, and drawers. The weight and space that your household take up in the truck are what determines moving costs. Of course, look for an estimator that can provide accurate estimates.

Keep Off a Mover with a Blank Moving Contract

Never sign a blank moving agreement to avoid locking yourself into your mover’s trap. Pick-up and delivery dates, as well as any other extra fees, should be listed on the contract. It’s also crucial to read through the agreement to ensure all your household are included to avoid losses along the way. You can’t expect your child’s toy to be delivered if the mover hasn’t labeled it on the inventory form. Worst, clients can’t file a claim for an item that wasn’t labeled on the inventory list.

Avoid Packing Costs

The mover will be responsible for any damage if clients pack their belongings themselves. Moving companies may inflate prices for packing materials and boxes, not to mention labor and time. So, ask about the experience of the packing crew if you decide the moving company to pack on your behalf. While most packers handle fragile items with care, everyone wants to avoid the chances of working with a packer that tosses their valuables into the truck with little regard for breakage.

Keep Off Movers that Keep Changing their Names

Some moving companies keep changing their name to avoid the Better Business Bureau assessment. Hire a licensed moving company and ensure it has a local address, and its employees should answer the phone or respond to an email with the full name and address of the company. You can call the consumer complaints hotline to find out more about a mover you’re about to hire.


You can check a list of reliable long-distance movers with moving associations if your relatives and families don’t have any recommendations. Ask any moving company you contact to provide references. You could also ask a mover to give details of at least three customers they have moved in the past few months. That way, you can call those customers and ask them about their experience with the mover you’re about to hire.

By Rusty

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