The 10 Essential Elements of a Thriving Service-Based Business

So many of us heart-based business owners jump in with our heart, our soul and both feet only to land on… what do I do now? Urghhh… that’s what happened to us when we first started our original “Life Purpose” coaching business. Today we enjoy a thriving, multiple 6-figure business that brings us incredible joy and excitement. So how did we get there? Well, you gotta have a plan – plain and simple!
To support you on your journey as an entrepreneur, here are the top ten elements that are crucial for you to have in place in your business (or at the very least to have in progress).
1) A Burning Desire – Naturally, whether you are starting a business or refueling a current business, the most important element is a deep desire to do it, help people and to have it succeed. Being connected to your purpose and being really clear about why it is important to you will help you get through many frustrations and obstacles along the way.
2) Getting Support – All Around! – We don’t know anyone who wants to have a business completely ALONE. We aren’t meant to do this alone. We are meant to be supported and inspired. That means you need to be sure that the majority of the time, you are doing things that are in your own brilliance, not doing things you don’t like or are just not good at. Remember, what isn’t your brilliance is someone else’s! (So, let them do it for you!)
It also important that you get support from mentors who can guide you through the trials and tribulations of building your business. You can waste a lot of time, as we did:( through trial and error and most likely never get to where you want to be if you try to do it all alone.
3) Attainable Goals that stretch you – There is a real art to goal (or intention) setting and it is important to not only have them, but to also be sure that one 1) you can see yourself attaining them and 2) they are a bit of a stretch for you and move you somewhat out of your comfort zone.
4) Powerful, Strategic Marketing and Business Plans – It’s really important to have a good idea of where you are going, and besides everything is easier when you have a plan, especially if it’s a step-by-step plan. This is where it’s important to not just grab any plan, but to use a plan that has proven results, that others have used successfully and that is applicable to your business.
5) An Authentic, Connecting Message – Are you going around picking up copy from a gazillion other websites to create your “message”? If you aren’t clear about who you are specifically talking to (we call it your “foundational” market) and how to talk to them in a way that really attracts them to you, you can easily have a message that is a homogenization of other peoples messages… and not only is that not authentic, it will not create a connection with you and your ideal client.
When you get clear about who you truly want to help, how you want to make a difference in the world and create your message from there… now that is powerful and connecting!
6) A Strong Sense of Value – Are you still charging by the hour? Do you know the results people get from working with you are worth so much more than what you are currently charging? The value you hold for your own services will affect the type of clients you attract and ultimately the level of success you will have in your business. You must be sure of your own value before others will be sure of it.
7) Clear Ladder of Success for clients – Do you just have one way for people to work with you? It is essential to have multiple ways for people to work with you and your business needs multiple streams of income. Your potential clients are all starting at different places and some will need low cost, no interaction ways to start learning about your work and some people will be ready to just jump right in at the highest level. To create a super strong business structure, you want to include active (one-on-one), leveraged (group) and passive (product) income.
8) Consistent Connection with Your Community – The general numbers are that people need to hear your message an average of 7 and 10 times before they “know, like and trust” you enough to invest in your services. That is one of the reasons you want to be sure to have a way to consistently reach them, share information, help them get to know and trust you and keep them abreast of what you are up to. The best way to do this is to build a strong email list and create a newsletter to stay in touch (just like this one!):)
9) A Magnetic Website – This is where so many people get hung up, mostly because there is a real misconception about the true purpose of a website. The primary purpose of your website is to build your community (so you can create consistent connection). The key elements are copy that invites them in, a great picture of you, and a high-value, high content free offering in exchange for their email address (which requires an opt-in box) and a way for them to contact you. You can keep it simple and have a website that brings contacts right to your doorstep… or inbox!
10) Strong, Authentic Sales Results – Let’s face it, if you are in business, you are in sales. That doesn’t mean you have to sound like or act like a used car salesman, but you do need to know how to inspire people to invest their time and their money in working with you. Two big keys here… Help them with the vision of what they truly desire and ask them to work with you. It is more simple (and fun) than you may think!
These 10 elements are the essential building blocks for your successful service-based business and by getting them in place you can create a thriving business that is transforming your clients’ lives. (Brian and I are absolute proof of that!)
Your Authentic Assignment
Now it’s time to see how these essential elements are playing our in your business. As you go through the above list, pick out the elements that are really working well in your business and celebrate them! Woohoo!
For the ones that don’t feel as strong as they need to be (or may not even be working at all in your business) take some time to really explore them one by one. How can you improve them, what steps can you take to start implementing them or making them better.
When you take a good hard look at these powerful, business building elements and start making sure they are working well, it can make the difference between mediocre success and thriving, joyful success.
If your business is not where you want it to be this year, schedule a complimentary Strategy session with Paige and Brian. We will discuss your business and show you ways you can begin to attract more clients right now, while staying in integrity with who you are.

By Rusty

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