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Pros and Cons of CLR Bathroom Cleaner

By Rusty Nov6,2022

Pros and Cons of CLR Bathroom Cleaner

CLR Bathroom Cleaner is a fantastic way to cut the amount of time that is required to clean your bathroom. I have used CLR Cleaner in the past, mostly in my garage and basement washtub, and had great results cutting quickly through even the nastiest calcium build-ups and rust stains, so I had to try their more residential cleaning product.

CLR Bathroom Cleaner does a great job at wiping out most common bathroom stains and messes. It does a good job with soap scum, a problem area in my shower that has always caused me great trouble! It also took care of all of my toilet stains and cleaned the sink to a fantastic shine. I was very happy with the cleaning power, it is definitely not as powerful as its big brother, but it is also a lot easier on the user!

The traditional CLR Cleaner was a very strong acid that could cut through just about anything. It was also dangerous to use and required a bit more care and prep work before you broke it out. CLR Bathroom Cleaner is still strong, just not quite as dangerous. What it lacks in raw cleaning power, it makes up in its ability to be used around the home without hurting your family. It requires less scrubbing than most bathroom cleaners and claims to be more environmentally friendly, which is always a plus!

If you are still concerned about using chemicals such as CLR Bathroom Cleaner in your home, there are safe cleaners that can be a good alternative. It requires more scrubbing, but white vinegar is a decent cleaning agent for your bathroom as well. It may stink, but it also costs next to nothing compared to traditional cleaning products!

You can get a gallon of white vinegar just about anywhere for only a few bucks. If you have a septic system, white vinegar is always a better choice over any cleaning product. Trust me, once you’ve had to pay to have your septic tank cleaned out a few times, you will do anything that you can to avoid those charges!

By Rusty

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