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Industrial Cleaning Versus Residential Cleaning Products

By Rusty Nov12,2022

Industrial Cleaning Versus Residential Cleaning Products

They say, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and this is so true. Cleanliness is of utmost importance for us. Our life functions on two pillars, our home and business or industry to be exact. Even if one pillar would suffer damage, our life would be totally dismantled. Lack of cleanliness can give birth to diseases in our family and in our industries, it could lead to jamming of equipments and consequently the functioning of the industry could cease suddenly.

There are many cleaning services available throughout the country who handle the cleaning work beautifully. However, residential cleaning is not the same as industrial cleaning. Residential cleaning is a small scale project and can be done by a small group of people. Industrial cleaning, on the other hand, is a large scale project where many people are employed by the cleaning service to clean a particular industry.

The cleaning products also vary with the specific cleaning project. Residential Cleaning does not need so hi-tech instruments for the cleaning of a residence. Residential cleaners have a limited job. They only have to clean the ceiling, doors, windows, floors, carpets, curtains and furniture etc which is not that big a task so they only need common cleaning products like stainless steel cleaner, surface cleaners, furniture polish, glass cleaners, scrub pads, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, magic erasers, broom, dust pan, vacuum cleaner, dust mop, grout brush, step ladders small tooth brush and cleaning cloths.

Industrial cleaning on the other hand, needs a whole cleaning system to do the cleaning as there are hi-tech machines, gigantic chimneys, pits in the industrial zone and sewage system etc and unlike the residences, the industry functions 24 hrs. As a result there is grease, oil and various chemicals all over the place which needs to be effective cleaning. Then, vacuum loading is necessary to clean the confined spaces for harmful materials get filled up there and it could cause harm to someone. Therefore, industrial cleaning needs high performance cleaning equipments like a high pressure water system, nozzles of different shapes and sizes, giant size vacuum cleaners made for the industries, storage systems, foam systems, drop stations, storage tanks, powder feed systems etc. Some other cleaning products made only for Industrial usage are – acid cleaners, caustic cleaners, non-caustic cleaners, chlorinated cleaners, general purpose floor cleaners, sanitizers, chain lubricants and de-foamers etc.

If cleanliness is the key to the happiness for a home then for an industry, cleanliness is more than just an objective; it is the key to staying in business. Therefore it is essential for us to maintain dirt and dust free surrounding so that your home and your industries have an everlasting happy life.

By Rusty

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