How To Make Your Brewery Family Friendly

By Rusty Jul30,2020

Breweries and bars are very different. While they both focus on serving libations, a bar is not a place many families go. Kids are often taboo there, leaving the space for adults to frequent. Breweries, though, have developed a more casual reputation, a space for where parents can enjoy a drink with friends as children socialize. The environment is more relaxed, enhanced with activities; thus, it appears for many to be socially acceptable. This is a win-win for owners, who can broaden their clientele base. Here are three ways to ensure your establishment has a kid-friendly atmosphere.

1. Design a Mixed Beverage Menu

At the forefront of your offerings should be a wide selection of unique beers. This is pivotal in getting drinkers in the door. In addition, you should consider an interesting selection of nonalcoholic choices. Kids need to drink too, and they may want something more than water. Explore local sodas and juices. The broader options could appeal to adults too, especially designated drivers. That’s a great thing to have, especially as you work with a liquor law consultant Houston to focus on your state paperwork. The operation shows its good intentions of serving people safely.

2. Create a Play Zone

While adults drink, kids need to be occupied. Design a corner where little ones have room to play. Make sure it has a border, and put a television in the location. You can play a kids cartoon or film while they spend time building blocks. Make sure any toys in the space are easy to clean and age appropriate for about two and up.

3. Purchase Entertainment

While toddlers keep each other busy, older children (and parents too) should have options. Invest in some fun card and board games. Many of these drag on for a while. As people enjoy their time, they linger, ordering more. It’s time together and a bonus for sales.

Families can enjoy a day at a brewery. Just make sure kids have something to do and drink. If the atmosphere is right, it may work for everyone.

By Rusty

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