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Well Packed Moving Boxes Make a Move Simple

By Rusty Jan27,2022

Well Packed Moving Boxes Make a Move Simple

Whether a move is across town or across the country, packing is the same. Everything in one house has to be put in a box and moved to another house. Mileage in between does not really matter. What matters is that each moving box is packed well so it is safe during the move and so that the move is as efficient and easy as possible.

Get enough boxes for your stuff. No matter if the move is from a small apartment or a large house, there is nothing worse than thinking there are enough boxes only to come up short on packing day. Interrupting packing mode to head out and buy more moving boxes is disruptive and wastes time. Plan ahead and buy enough boxes. If it is not clear how many to buy, ask a professional to help or go online to a moving website and use the room calculator for a good estimate. Get a few in case.

Before packing a single box, purge. There is bound to be stuff that will not be making the move. Toss it, donate it, whatever you do, do not pack it. Make the decisions before packing begins so all the packing energy goes to items that will really be moved into the new house.

Plan a room-by-room packing process. Start in the least essential rooms and save the high traffic kitchen, bathroom, and office or family room for last. Within each room pack the least used items first and leave only those things that absolutely have to stay out until moving day. Get as much packed and ready to go before moving day. When the movers arrive, they will have plenty to load on the truck while you pack up the last linens, bathroom supplies, and kitchen supplies that were used the night before.

When packing each box, label it clearly. Most importantly, mark what room it is to go in at the new house. Put the room name on all four sides of the moving box so no matter what way it is facing on the truck, it is clear where that box is going. It is also a good idea to put a basic list of contents on the top of the box. This will help prioritize the unpacking process.

Using well-marked moving boxes to organize belongings during a move can help make moving day go smoothly. A little pre-planning can go a long way in keeping the move organized and making the move in simple. The more organized you are, the better chance of keeping the move smooth and uneventful.

By Rusty

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