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Tips on Cleaning a Mattress

Tips on Cleaning a Mattress

Dog lovers and parents of small children know that keeping a mattress clean is not the easiest task in life. The best way to keep a mattress clean is to protect it from day one. Mattress protectors are sold in stores that carry household items and cleaners and of course by mattress dealers and furniture stores. Covering your mattress with a waterproof mattress cover or protector basically wraps your mattress in a protective envelope, preventing dust mites, bed bugs and allergens from getting to the mattress. It also prevents many stains from penetrating the surface of your mattress. But if you just didn’t have the money or the inclination to purchase a protector when you bought your mattress and now it’s stained or smells funny, the following solutions will help.

When drink spills, bed wetting and dust mites happen, a good mattress cleaner is a necessity. Don’t let the mattress dry and forget it ever happened, expecting the spill to take care of itself, because you’ll regret it later. When it comes to mattress stains and those awful odors, many consumers don’t know what to use and what actually works.

One mattress cleaning product called What Odor? is widely used by the hotel industry and great for allergies. Another mattress cleaner that works well is ProKlean. But if your local stores don’t carry these products, a good quality upholstery shampoo will work and can be found nearly anywhere. The trick is to treat the affected surface as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the stain and odor. If you have upholstery shampoo at home, try that first. Vacuuming your mattress monthly will increase your mattress life. Dead mites and bed bugs can weigh down a mattress and shorten its life.

There’s nothing worse than spending a large sum of money on a good quality pillow top mattress and discovering that your dog has just lifted his leg to it. While slightly embarrassing, calling in a professional mattress cleaner may cost you some money, but is also well worth it. Tell Fido to mark his territory some place else and banish him from your bedroom so further incidents don’t occur. Another option is Healiohealth’s black light kit. This kit includes a black light that enables the consumer to locate urine, blood and drink spill stains and a chemical to clean them up. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it and in these uncertain economic times doing it yourself certainly saves a buck or two.

People sweat a lot when they sleep and over time your mattress won’t smell as fresh as you’d like. To freshen up your mattress, start by vacuuming your mattress on all four sides, ridding it of any dust mites or bed bugs. Clean all four sides with the mattress cleaner of your choice. Then buy a protector for your mattress so you don’t have to conduct such extreme cleaning as often.

All of these measures will keep your mattress smelling fresh and looking its best. Changing the sheets regularly also helps to maintain a fresh scent and mattress covers and waterproof mattress pads will help to seal in the freshness while further protecting your mattress from any accidental spills or bedwetting in the future.

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