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Cleaning a Persian Carpet Takes Time and Expertise

By Rusty Nov16,2020

Cleaning a Persian Carpet Takes Time and Expertise

Persian rugs and carpets are treasured pieces of art, culture and history. Persia was one of the first origins of hand made rugs in the eastern part of the world and these are still a major part of their culture. Today they are still considered some of the finest rugs made throughout the world. They are mostly hand woven by skilled weavers who put a lot of time and effort into each rug. Because so much work is put into these pieces of art, they need to be cared for and cleaned appropriately. Otherwise they will wear quicker and possibly fall apart causing a beautiful creation to be lost.

The most common material used to make these eccentric rugs is wool made from sheep. In areas where grazing conditions are harsher, other materials such as goat’s fleece or camel hair have been used as a substitute. Rugs made of substitute materials are not as high in quality. Cotton is used in more modern designs cotton to produce a heavy and durable rug. Silk is a prominent material often made in Persia and certain parts of Asia. These rugs are naturally thinner and serve better as wall decorations. They are not made to withstand regular traffic like rugs made out of wool and cotton.

Cleaning Persian carpet is a delicate task due to the way they are made and the value they have. It is not a process that should be done in a quick manner or without knowledge of the rugs material make up. Quick in home cleanings are not a good solution because the processes and chemicals used are not designed for these priceless treasures. If a cleaning process does not get all the dirt or cleaning solution out of the rug, this can be very harmful to its fibers. Not drying a rug thoroughly can lead to mildew and other more damaging conditions.

If you are lucky enough to own an original hand made productions, you should find someone who has expertise in Oriental carpet cleaning. Do not pick the first company you come across and trust them with this valuable item. Carpet cleaning businesses may say they have the ability to clean Persian rugs, but you need to check out their methods and ask around to find out how qualified they are. Anyone who says they specialize in cleaning Persian carpet should be able to explain the cleaning and drying processes they use in detail. They need to have equipment designed for these types of rugs and should focus on maintaining their quality.

Oriental carpet cleaning is a business that requires knowledge of all types of rugs. People who do this for a living know the history and weaving methods used. They employ staff members who can repair each rug with the same techniques used to make each rug. Doing so requires more time to be dedicated to your rug but also ensures that it will retain its beauty and high quality. When you have a priceless item like this, the guarantee of its originality being maintained is much more important than a fast cleaning service or a lower price.

By Rusty

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