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Cheap Alternatives to Commercial Carpet Cleaning Products

By Rusty May23,2022

Cheap Alternatives to Commercial Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet cleaning is very important to carpet owners. This is why many of them spend a lot of money on products and services to get their carpet clean and looking brand new. Unfortunately, not all carpet owners can afford to get their carpet cleaned professionally all the time, or spend money on commercial cleaning products. If you are one of these people, don’t worry, as there are still ways you can get your carpet clean.

If buying a commercial cleaning product is outside of your budget, or just something you rather not spend money on, there are effective alternatives that are at your disposal. You may not know it but you may already be using them for purposes other than cleaning. Here are two cheap alternatives to industrial carpet cleaning products that you can use.

Vinegar – Vinegar gives your food a distinct sour flavor and works well with many dishes. What you may not know is that this kitchen ingredient can also work wonders for getting that stain out of your carpet. Vinegar possesses cleaning qualities that make it a great alternative for cleaning and removing stains from fabric, upholstery, and your carpet. Mixing one teaspoon of vinegar with a cup of water will give you a potent cleaning solution, without hurting your wallet. Vinegar not only works in removing stains, it also helps in deodorizing your carpet and removing unpleasant odors that may be left behind. It is an overall effective cleaning alternative that you should definitely try.

Ammonia – Ammonia works well as a household cleaner, but not many people realize that it also works effectively in removing stains from your carpet. If you have a spill on your carpet, you don’t need to rush to the store to buy a commercial cleaning product anymore. Check and see if you have some ammonia in your home and use that instead. Using ammonia is very simple. Like with vinegar, you mix one teaspoon of it with a cup of water to create a cleaning solution. You can then apply it onto different kinds of stains to help remove it. Ammonia is cheap and is accessible to many households and proves to be one of the better alternatives to carpet cleaning products today.

These two household products work equally well in cleaning your carpet, and without hurting your budget. Try them out to see just how effective they can be. You’ll get a clean and fresh carpet as well as some money in savings using these great carpet cleaning alternatives.

By Rusty

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