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Why Every Home and Building Owner Needs Their Ducts Cleaned

By Rusty Nov17,2022

Why Every Home and Building Owner Needs Their Ducts Cleaned

Air ducts are responsible for regulating the circulation of air in homes and in buildings but when these ducts are not maintained regularly, they can become clogged with dirt, dust, debris, and other hazardous materials. What this could mean in the long run is the failure of the air ducts to improve the quality of the air inside the house or building which is exactly why the air ducts are installed in the first place. With this in mind, the hiring of duct cleaning services should always be regularly done by home and building owners to ensure that their duct work are clean resulting to the improved quality of air for the inhabitants of the home or building.

The many benefits of duct cleaning services that home and building owners should know about include:

Reduce Dusting

Keeping the doors and windows of a house or building sealed tight to prevent dust from entering is useless if the air ducts are not cleaned regularly. The obvious benefit of air duct cleaning services is the removal of dust from the ducts making sure these no longer enter the home or building.

Energy Efficiency

When dust and other matter buildup inside duct work, cooling or heating systems will need more energy to function effectively. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, even just 0.42 inches of dust in air ducts can reduce its efficiency by about 21 percent. Air duct cleaning services can remove the dust and other matter clogging the ducts improving air flow.

Money Savings

The increase in the efficiency of the home’s cooling or heating systems results to lower consumption of energy and more savings. Furthermore, the increased efficiency also means that the ventilation, cooling, or heating systems no longer have to be turned on for longer periods making them less likely to suffer breakage.

Increase Equipment Life

Dust and dirt which can accumulate on electrical or mechanical systems can decrease their durability. When duct work is not cleared of these, the fans in the air handlers of the ducts or the HVAC systems may become filled with dust and dirt making it harder for them to cool the heat exchanger. This is the most common cause of heat exchanger damage.

Health Reasons

Unmaintained air ducts can pose a health hazard for the inhabitants of the house or building who are sensitive to allergens and toxins. Health hazards that come in the form of contaminants, molds, fungi, and pests can also travel through ducts making the air inside unhealthy to breathe.

Air Quality

Duct cleaning services can help maintain healthy indoor air by removing unhealthy hazardous materials that normally travel through duct work. The failure to regularly clean air ducts can cause difficulty in breathing or even long term respiratory problems for the inhabitants of the house or building.


Because an air duct system is the medium by which air circulates inside the house, any foul odor that emanates from an unclean duct will pose a big problem that cannot simply be solved by air fresheners or deodorants. Duct cleaning services can do more than just keep the ducts clean because they can also help maintain the freshness of the air that circulates indoors.

By Rusty

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