Office First Impressions: How to Impress Potential Clients

By Rusty Nov21,2022

Office First Impressions: How to Impress Potential Clients

When a potential client visits your office to discuss a business agreement, your business is being judged from the moment they walk in the door. Sadly, people do judge books by their covers and no matter how good your offering is, if you don;t appear professional and well-run a prospect could easily fade out. There are several ways in which you can make a great first impression on a client when they come to visit your workplace, and this article covers everything from office cleaning to common hospitality. Here’s how:

Have a Reception Area

It’s amazing how many businesses do not have a reception area or receptionist and therefore when a client or potential client walks in they find themselves right in the midst of all the work that is going on. This not only seems unprofessional but has the potential for clients to catch workers off-guard. Of course workplaces try to maintain a professional environment, but sometimes water-cooler conversations become raucous, people eat their lunches at their desks or a special birthday celebration may be taking place in the office–these are all perfectly acceptable from time to time, but in terms of professionalism, they’re not something that you necessarily want a client to see.

Be Hospitable

When a client comes for a meeting be prepared. Have refreshments, tea and coffee and iced water on standby and have a receptionist or assistant offer it to them as soon as they arrive. It looks more professional to have an assistant do this in terms of status but a very important client may be made to feel so if you (the boss) offer to provide this service personally. It’s all about making someone feel comfortable–the more comfortable and content they feel, the more they’ll be inclined to do business with your company.

Express Your Brand Personality

Not all offices have to be barren, generic workplace landscapes. It’s possible to inject some personality into your office decor while still remaining professional. Pictures, artwork, colour schemes and other items that tell someone what you’re like as a brand and what you believe in, as well as awards or certificates you’ve received in business are a surefire way to tell someone who you are before you even have to open your mouth, Always consider what you’d think of a company if you walked into your office, and change it according to the message you want to get across!

Keep it Clean

A clean workplace speaks volumes about your efficiency and attention to detail. Invest in a commercial cleaning service in order to ensure a thorough, hygienic job is done, as the worst recommendation you can give yourself is a dirty one!

By Rusty

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