How to Clean the Carpet With Green Cleaning Products

By Rusty Apr23,2022

How to Clean the Carpet With Green Cleaning Products

Basically the concept of Green cleaning products is to use such products which not only clean your house but such products are not harmful for atmosphere. The main theme behind introducing these products in the market and using them for cleaning houses is to promote good healthy atmosphere for this world. These products are characterized according to scientific methods. The best thing about these products is that they are not harmful for any one and these can be used for cleaning any thing even your carpets.

Step 1:

To clean your carpet with green products you need 1 cup baking soda and you have to mix it completely with vinegar and corn starch. Then next thing to do is to spread this mixture over the carpet and leaver for the whole night. On next morning do nothing except vacuuming your carpet and now you can enjoy your new carpet with great smell.

Step 2:

If there is mold in your carpet and you want to get rid of that mold then you can spray vinegar over your carpet and then sprinkle salt over the carpet so that it ca absorb moisture well. Best results can be get if you do this process once in a 5 days period.

Step 3:

There is no use of using expensive commercial shampoos to use over the carpet you can do it by steam cleaning your carpet with vinegar. Vinegar is the best alternative for cleaning a carpet if some one doesn’t want to use expensive commercial products.

Step 4:

One case is having pets in home so if you have one then you should first clean the carpet for debris elimination. Next step is to sprinkle the carpet with vinegar and then sprinkling salt on it to absorb all the moisture in the carpet. Leave it for one night or at least 12 hours and then vacuum the carpet. This will give a new bright look and fresh scent to carpet.


Cleaning your carpet requires regular vacuuming but this is not all. Vacuum cleaners cannot take out chewing gums which are stick to carpet surface or chocolates which are making your brand new carpet look ugly so in this case you need a green cleaning product which can clean the carpet easily and it won’t even harm your carpet because there are no harmful chemicals used in these products. You should never use ordinary chemicals for cleaning your carpet because they can easily spoil your carpet and your hands too if these chemicals are too hard.

By Rusty

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