Five Signs Your Sewer Pump Needs Repair Or Replacement Services

April showers are known to bring about flowers, but they also wreak havoc on basements. Most of the basements experience extreme flooding and the same flooding can be seen on the streets as well. Your basement could have remained dry during April showers, but no situation is permanent. You should make sure that you regularly repair that sump pump while keeping an eye on these common signs that you need to repair or replace your pump.

1. Sewage Smells

Sometimes you could be experiencing sewage smell every time you walk into the basement. There is a high chance that your system is not working. The pump is not emptying all the contents every time it turns on. Before thinking of significant repairs, you can look around and make sure there are no leaks. Whether there is a leak, or your pump is not performing at all, you will need it fixed. You need to call a plumber to handle the issue immediately.

2. Fluid Not Being Injected

Sometimes the pump could be running but the pit is not emptying. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your pump. The pump might not be drawing enough suction power to empty the pit. Maybe the pump is clogged. If you notice such signs, you should be observant and careful of the water use until the system has been repaired. Consumption of excess water, especially flushing the toilet could cause spillage downstairs.

3. Continuously Running Pump

Sewer pump is supposed to run when there is something to pump through the lines and then switch off. The same trend is expected to repeat itself. If your sewer pump runs continuously, you should know that something is wrong with the sensor. Call any sewer pump repair portsmouth va company for immediate repair of the pump to prevent breakdown. However, it is worth noting that the system will continue to function as expected.

4. Noisy Sump Pump

Excess noise is one of the most common signs that your sump pump needs repair or sometimes replacement. It is common for pumps to make sounds when working, but extreme noises such as gurgling, grinding, rattling, and thuds indicate a severe problem that needs to be solved. If such noises become a common aspect, you should disconnect power and reach out to a plumber for checkups.

5. Old Age

Unfortunately, sump pumps have not been designed to work forever. They have an average lifespan of ten years. If you have noticed that your system needs regular repair and maintenance, you should check on the years it has served since installation. Probably it has already served beyond what is expected. It is high time you contact sewer replacement experts for installation of a new sump pump.

Sump pumps are likely to show extreme signs of wear and tear due to a minor problem. Therefore, seek the advice of a professional before taking any action. In other instances, repairing your pump could be too expensive compared to buying a new one. Get the correct facts and analyze the situation before you consider the next move.