Factors to Consider When Hiring a Crane

Cranes are perhaps the best invention of the modern history. Thanks to so many dedicated and reliable crane operators springfield il. With proper crane services, you can build dams, tall buildings and even work in mines very smoothly. It is however very important to understand that cranes can be very dangerous if they are not handled safely. The company you hire to provide crane services should be competent enough so that there are minimal cases of accidents during operation. Before deciding the crane you need for your construction site, below are few guidelines on how to hire a crane correctly.

Choosing the Best Company

When choosing the right company that provides crane hiring services, please look at their cranes and make sure they are properly maintained. You do not want a crane that looks very unkempt and perhaps has falling parts. You also will need to be sure that their operators are certified by the state’s construction bodies. A company that has newer crane versions beats those with very old versions since the newer ones are more efficient and safer. When choosing the right company to be sure that they were able to answer all the questions you asked right. Considering the fact that cranes are very bulky, please ensure that the crane company you choose understands their job as premature job cancellations can be very inconveniencing, both for you and the crane company.

Choosing the Right Crane

If you have never hired a crane previously, you will perhaps need to be careful about your needs. You might also need to have done some background check on the different types of cranes available and their specifications. E.g., there are rough terrain cranes that work very efficiently on rough ground. There are also side lift cranes that are used for hoisting containers and the crawler cranes that are very instrumental in lifting heavy loads. Before choosing the crane, you can perhaps talk about:

  • The specific materials you will be lifting
    • How much weight you will be lifting
    • The materials you will be working with
    • The environment of operation
    • Ease of access of the working site
    • The types of terrain you will be working.

Along with the types of the cranes and their applicability, you need to be sure about safety features like ergonomic seats, air conditioning and footholds.

Perform the Safety Operations

In case you have just purchased a new or used crane, the first step having the crane inspected and registered in your state. It should then be serviced by replacing bushes, old oil, lubricating joints and perhaps checking for some other parts like bearings that are worn out. Also, be sure to check the manufacturer warranty for parts that might need replacement after a certain duration of time. Before embarking on a task, be sure to confirm that the crane is stable. Also, verify that it is positioned correctly before starting any jobs.

There are certainly many more safety operations that need to be carried out before embarking on the job. Perhaps you also need to check overhead cables and electricity poles. More caution should be practiced if you are working in wet conditions.