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Create A Healthier Home With Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

By Rusty Apr3,2022

Create A Healthier Home With Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

Health conscious people are always looking for a better way to go about creating a cleaner environment in their homes as well as around their neighborhoods. One way to create that healthier environment is to use environmentally friendly cleaners. The question is where can you find those environmentally friendly products to keep your home healthy?

One way to go about finding the kinds of environmental products that will help you maintain a healthier as well as cleaner home is to look for labels that say they are Green or Eco in nature. Now remember, this is just a starting place when searching for products that are true to their name. After you have selected a product to research, your next step is to read the label to see if this one is really as friendly to the environment as it would like for you to believe.

Environmentally friendly cleaners are not always labeled as such though, and those that are labeled Green may not be as friendly to the environment as they should be. That is the reason the discerning individual should always be on the lookout for quality ingredients that are truly friendly to the environment including that of the home.

Look for ingredients that are natural and biodegradable, and if you see chemical names that you cannot pronounce think twice before putting them in your shopping cart. Here are some ingredients that are in many environmentally friendly cleaners.

• Citrus, soy, lemon juice, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and plant based surfactants. These ingredients that come from plants are renewable as well as biodegradable and contain no volatile organic compounds.

• Vinegar, borax, and hydrogen peroxide are also biodegradable and if VOC’s are present they are in very low levels.

For those who are seriously looking to replace their present cleaning products with environmentally friendly cleaners should understand that there are some products they may already be using hazardous chemicals in their home. Here is a list to look for.

• Ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, monoethanolamine, addatives, ammonium hydrozide, potassium hydroxide, petroleum based products sodium acid sulfate, phosphates, nitrobenzene, isopropanol, hydrochloric acid, triclosan, phthalates, and so many others.

While some of the more natural environmentally friendly cleaners, such as vinegar, do not have the pleasant smell that many of us are used to, they will do just as good a job if not better in some cases. You have to remember that chemicals are used to add those pleasant odors to begin with and when you use them in your home you are simply adding chemicals for your family to breathe in.

With more and more people finding that they are suffering from maladies like asthma these days we must take a good hard look at the chemicals that we are bringing into our homes that quite frankly were not there decades ago.

Another concern about the environment which is gaining notice today is the carpeting that many homes have on the floors. Carpeting traps allergens, dirt and dust mites which are reported to be causative factors for many disorders that people are dealing with today. A hard wood floor is an environmental product that does not cause such problems, and when talking about the indoor environment we should not leave this element out.

By Rusty

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