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A Clean Copier Is a Healthy Copier, How to Tell If Your Service Company Is Doing It’s Job?

By Rusty Dec5,2021

A Clean Copier Is a Healthy Copier, How to Tell If Your Service Company Is Doing It’s Job?

If your copier/printer tech looks dirty or slob like, most likely your machine is also. People that take pride in their personal hygiene will care what your machine looks like also.

Have you ever put your hands inside your copier and ended up with an arm covered in toner? Next time you are about to renew your maintenance contract have a good look at how the machine looks inside and out and consider whether you are being taken care of properly. if they don’t do simple cleaning they probably don’t install the necessary parts either.

Considering this economy and the current job and business climate. service company’s have to nurse every account as carefully as possible to ensure their clients are extremely happy. If not there is a good chance your client will go elsewhere and use less expensive services. after all what sets you aside from your competition??

They say “you can see into the mind of a man by looking inside his garage” if this is true then it holds true, appearance is everything or at least a very good sign all is well or not well.

I had the opportunity recently to a give a second opinion on a copier that has not been working correctly for some time. Upon walking toward the machine I first noticed the entire machine covered in dust and dirt, first clue. Next clue I opened the machine to find a piles of toner but not just toner because it had dust mixed in with it meaning it has been a long time since it was cleaned. Knowing this model quite well I then looked at one of the most common faulty parts designed for this machine. Guess what, It had not been replaced in some time if ever! This machine was under a full a service contract and the tech had been there repeatedly… I WONDER IF THE TECH SHOWERS AND WASHES HIS CLOTHS MUCH???

By Rusty

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