Of those black voters, 95% backed Jones, the exit poll showed

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aaa replica designer handbags Jones campaign will benefit from high African Replica Designer Handbags American turnout. Black voters made up 30% of the electorate, CNN exit poll showed higher than the 27% they comprised in the 2012 presidential election and above the marks the Jones campaign felt it needed to hit in order to have a chance. Of those black voters, 95% backed Jones, the exit poll showed.. aaa replica designer handbags

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Wholesale Replica Bags At a very quick and cynical glance, the line up for the could cause you to guffaw. Shane Filan? As in yer man from Westlife? Yes. He’s there but calm down and cast your judgments aside for just one second because this is a festival centred around the fun and ridiculous elements of pop eras gone by, rather than the here and now.. LONDON (AP) A protester splattered Rupert Murdoch with whitefoam on Tuesday, interrupting a dramatic hearing in which the mediabaron told British lawmakers he was not responsible for a phonehacking scandal that has rocked his global empire. Murdoch appeared by turns vague, truculent, sharp and concise ashe spoke alongside his son and deputy, James, calling theparliamentary inquiry “the most humble day of my career” butrefusing to take personal blame for the crisis that has swept froma tabloid newspaper through the top levels of Britain’s police andeven to the prime minister’s office. Murdoch, 80, said he was “shocked, appalled and ashamed” atthe hacking of the phone of a murdered schoolgirl by hisnow shuttered News of the World tabloid Wholesale Replica Bags.

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